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10 vivatramp posts to read & revisit

I've been sharing things on this blog for 6 years now and in that time I've rarely stepped back and revisited old posts. Being the ball of nostalgia that I am, I thought it was about time that I looked into Vivatramp's past and shared some posts that I, myself, enjoyed re-reading in the hope that you will too! What has been your favourite Vivatramp post so far?  

vivatramp how to be a good friend to some with an illness friendship advice lifestyle book blog uk

books book review blog lifestyle uk vivatramp how to read more reading tips for adults

how to live with your partner housemate advice uk lifestyle blog vivatramp

1 vivatramp uk lifestyle blog bee cornwall adventure

see no evil street art

What sort of posts would you like to see more of in the future? Can you remember reading all of these the first time I posted them? If so, you deserve some sort of medal. I'm currently heading back from the York Lit Festival but I'll be back soon to share February's book reviews!



  1. Love this round-up and just re-read your post about being a good friend to someone with an illness - a few of my friends are struggling with their health at the moment and it can be hard to know what to "do" sometimes (especially as an over-thinker!) x


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