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How To Declutter: 10 Books To Unhaul

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I regularly get messages from you guys saying that you cannot possibly bear to part with books and need my help in order to get donating so, in the spirit of Mary Poppins, I thought I would turn the process into a little game. Here are ten books that you should purge from your bookshelves and donate to refuges, hostels or charity at the next available moment...

1 book you have no feelings for

Is there a book that fills you with nothingness? Donate it - someone else may have been waiting to read it for years.

1 book you'd rather read in a different format 

Be it hardback, paperback, e-book or audiobook. You probably own one book that you'd rather enjoy in a different medium, so bite the bullet and let that one go. 

1 book that has been sat on your shelf for years & years unread

We all own at least one book that has been sat on the shelf, much like Wheezy, for years and years unread. It's time to say goodbye. 

1 book that has served its purpose

Sometimes books come into our lives to teach us something, whether that is in an academic capacity or not, and they soon serve their purpose. Got a lot of textbooks knocking around? Consider donating them to a school or local education project. Got a lot of self-help books? Share them with people that might want them.  

1 book from a genre or author or series that you've outgrown lately

It's natural to outgrow certain genres or certain books. Books may be relevant and enjoyable when we first read them but as time goes by we can outgrow them as our interests change. Now is not the time to get sentimental - pass it on to someone who is just discovering the genre / the author that you've left behind. 

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1 book you really didn't like
I, too, am guilty of holding onto titles that I didn't even like. Address why you have kept them - if you aren't going to re-read or recommend to everyone it may be a good idea to donate it. 

1 unread book you have no intention of reading

This sounds awful but if you have a sizeable library there's always going to be one book that made it there for reasons that you cannot possibly fathom. Move it on.  

1 book you know someone else you know would love more

You could also 'donate' some of your books to friends and family that you know will get more out of reading them. Pass on your crime classics to the super sleuths. Parcel up your beach reads for the jetsetters.  

1 book you want to own in a 'nicer' edition

Publishers have come to understand just how many bibliophiles there are out there that collect their favourite literature in beautiful editions. There is probably at least one book that you'd like to own in a different edition that you've seen whilst browsing Goodreads for hours on end or seen on someone's blog. Make way for said new edition. 

1 double up

If you have a sizeable book collection, you probably own one book in multiple copies. You most definitely do not need so many. Consider giving your double ups to friends and use it as a chance to schedule in some buddy reads! 

I do not advocate buying books for the sake of buying books. However, I believe that donating books or passing them on to friends or family is a healthy thing to do - despite the bibliophile mentality that all books must be kept. By changing up your collection, you're able to curate a library that represents you as a reader right now and it'll help to keep your reading moving. Go forth and donate those books to people and homes that would be more than happy to have them. If you'd like to scroll through all of my advice posts then you can do so.



  1. I desperately need to sort out my books this summer, I have so many that I bought for uni and that I'm holding onto in case I need them again!

  2. I totally love this idea. I have some books that I will never read, for example, a book I was gifted about US pilots in WWII. I am not interested in this subject, and do not envisage becoming so. I think I have kept it because I felt it was disrespectful to the person who gave it to me. I will donate it to my local charity book store, I'm sure there is someone else who is dying to read all about this subject.

  3. Unhauling is such a good idea. As book addicts it's easy to just keep adding more things to our shelves, even when we don't have the space. All the books we won't read for so many reasons should really just be given to someone who could use it. Great post!

  4. I use to give books if I don´t like them jejeje, really helpfull post

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  6. You have to be kidding me! My comment got lost TWICE

  7. What I wanted to say is that I find it hard to get rid of books because of the huge value I have always placed on them, but I have also been trying to get rid of some


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