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How To Cheer Someone Up

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I'm a homebird. The thing I value most highly in life is love, whether that's showering myself in it or piling it onto my close friends and family. I am forever wanting to ensure that they feel loved and know how much I am in awe of them. I'm a Cancerian, if you hadn't already guessed.

Seeing as there's only so much love I can shower upon my loved ones before they spontaneously combust, I thought I'd share 8 ways you too can shower your loved ones with love until they also spontaneously combust. Are they in need of cheering up? I've got you covered. 

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I'm finally at that stage of my life where I can truly appreciate a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the weird sense of harmony that they bring to a space, whether I'm sending a bunch to someone, picking them myself or laying them at the cemetery for loved ones that have passed - even though my graveside floristry leaves a lot to be desired. 

I was offered the opportunity to pick some blooms from the Mothers Day flowers range from Appleyard London and I thought it'd be the perfect way to cheer my Mum up. The bouquet, whilst not a cure for all her ills, gave her a surprise on an afternoon where she needed it most and they're now busy looking beautiful 
in the living room alongside all our candles. 

2. send notes, letters, emails and leave comments as well as likes!
I like to think there's something really special about someone just dropping in, however they choose to do so, just to let you know that they're thinking of you or are so excited by something that they just felt the need to let you know. You don't even need to live near the recipient - send them a letter or an email. I've also been making a conscious effort to leave comments and not just likes. Likes, whilst great, are enigmatic in a way because you don't really know what they're signalling. Does this person like the specific thing in the centre of the photograph? Do they like me and wish me well? Do they pity me and think this like will see me through? Tell people what it is you adore about the work they're creating or the fun they're having. 

Whenever I feel low, I find the thought of going outside alone to be pretty unbearable. Why not ask them if they fancy a stroll to get some fresh air (but make sure you do so without sounding patronising!). If that's not something they fancy doing, get some air into the house and open a window or two. I'm not saying air makes everything better, because it doesn't, but I always find sitting in my windowsill gulping fresh air into my lungs helps me...and petrifies onlookers.

4. housework or housesit
Housework is the absolute worst so why not offer to do it for someone else to cheer them up? Do their laundry or wash the dishes whilst they sit with a mug of tea or have a sleep or a bath. Alternatively, look after any small humans or furry babies that may need looking after whilst they get some much needed rest or time out. 

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Sometimes when I'm struggling, I want people's company but I don't want it within my four walls. This is where creating a thoughtful little kit or care package comes in! It doesn't need to be full of expensive things either. All you need are the essentials: something to snack on, something to get cosy with and something to read / do / watch. Fill it with cards and photographs - be as creative or as non-creative as you want. 

6. make something together 
As someone with an illness that often requires large rest or recovery periods, I have weirdly enjoyed all of the strange activities that have come my way as a result of monotony. There's something in just mindlessly working away on something to make me feel a little better - think cheap little craft kits, turning toilet rolls into angels, flower arranging or sorting out my boxes of sentimental things. Propose something not too labour-intensive and see what you can both create! More often than not, things will go so badly that you can't help but laugh.

7. plan future fun
When I'm feeling low, I find it helpful to make some light plans for the future in order to give me something to look forward to. Book up some time with the person you're trying to cheer up - you don't have to go on anything luxurious like a spa day. For example: I've got some time booked with two different friends to go charity shopping in my hometown and to marathon a television show with another and I'm excited for both. 

Just chill! Whilst doing things with them can be helpful, sometimes it's therapeutic to just have someone rest up with you whilst you do nothing more than marathon a television show you have marathoned about 20 times already. 

mothers day flowers by post vivatramp uk lifestyle blogs mothers day flowers by post appleyard london vivatramp happy

What do you think of the beautiful bouquet that I picked out? As a summer baby, I am obsessed with daisies so the choice was easy. List some other acts of kindness or ways to cheer each other up in the comments, however big or small, and we can all get to being kinder to ourselves and to our loved ones. 

*Appleyard London let me pick out a bouquet of flowers in exchange for an honest review. If you'd like to read my 'photo an hour' collaboration with them, go & do so now, scamps.

If you'd like to scroll through all of my advice posts then you can do so.



  1. I always worry if I suggest something, they will feel obliged to participate. My best friend is going through a very hard time and is about to lose her father. It's so hard to know what to do and when something is to much. Right now I try to just be there for her though. I love this list.

    Love, Eline |

  2. I loooove this post. The most important thing to me is my relationships with other people (especially you!) so trying to do little things to make their days nicer is something I like to do, and always feel like I need to do more! Nice ideas and a good reminder to send more cards and letters. Love you <3


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