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Book Haul feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I'm making a conscious effort this year to read the books that I already own (revolutionary idea, I know) so I'm not buying a whole lot. I do, however, have four books to show you this month that I either spied in the charity shop for £1 a piece or received in celebration of spending 6 year…

How To Cheer Someone Up

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I'm a homebird. The thing I value most highly in life is love, whether that's showering myself in it or piling it onto my close friends and family. I am forever wanting to ensure that they feel loved and know how much I am in awe of them. I'm a Cancerian, …

Book Reviews feat. Sylvia Plath

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I read in dribs and drabs throughout January meaning I only ended up reading three things in total but I'm a guilt-free human being so *shrugs*. Whilst my reading may not have been bountiful, I got round to reading three individual things that I had been wanting to read for months, in some cases years, so I'm hailing it a huge success. If you've read either of the books or the graphic novel, I'd love to chat about them with you in the comments. 

Comfort Food, Book Haul & Best Friends

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If you cast your minds back to my to do list post, you may remember that I talked about wanting to spend more time with my loved ones in 2016 and, well, lets just say I am acing that goal so far! 

January was the month of quality family time, mostly involving food and bowling alleys, and friends over to stay and, if I'm honest, I think my mental health has been all the better for it...even if my hip joint is like 'remember when we would spend all our time chilling alone?!'  Not content with just living my life and enjoying the moment, I decided to take you with me this weekend just gone in order to share what I got up to with Claire and G (friends that you may remember from yesteryear's best friend tag post and a ton of adventures that I've linked at the bottom of this post). 

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