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2016 To Do List: Goals & Resolutions

As it's not officially a new year until a half arsed blogger shares their hopes and dreams, I thought I'd share my to do list with you...then your 2016 can really kick off! These are just a few things that I want to cover over this coming year and as, ever, feel totally free to leave your very own list in the comments:

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love nesting. I probably spend about 90% of my time nesting and yet I have one drawer that is full of clothes that I haven't worn for 2 - 3 years that I just cannot bring myself to part with. I want to tackle that drawer and then look to making my wardrobe more current me friendly. I want to focus on sourcing softer waistbands for the mess that is my abdominal region and I also want to pick up some staples to team with my 'outrageous literary aunt at a party' prints that I love to wear. 

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• read 52 books 
I don't know why I like the idea of reading fifty two books as much as I do but I find that setting a clear number helps to keep my reading focused so I'm sticking with it for another year. If you'd like to keep up with my reading throughout 2016 you can read my book reviews, follow my Goodreads and keep an eye on my Instagram. I will not sleep until you all know what I'm reading.  

vivatramp 2016 resolutions and goals

As I've gotten older, my friendship group has gone from a frenzied rabble to just a select few best friends that I love with all of my heart and I'm totally okay with that. Whilst I do make the effort to speak to my best friends, I probably don't get to see them as much as I would like to so I'm hoping to rectify that a bit. This entry was inspired by the fact that I speak to Lyzi every minute of every day and yet when we met up a few weeks ago we realised that we hadn't actually seen one another in person for around a year and a half?! I am so proud of my girls and everything that they have achieved so I'm going to shower them with love and compliments for another 366 days or whatever it is because of the leap year. 

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• complete my first poetry collection 
I've been tentatively writing my first ever poetry collection over the past few months and it's something that I want to work hard on and complete over this year. I have absolutely no idea what to do with it once it is written so I suppose that is something I should get a bit of help with too. I wish things like publishing my work didn't seem so mystical to me. I feel like there are whole worlds that I'm not part of because my brain just cannot fathom them. My collection, which at the moment consists of four and a half poems, doesn't follow a particular theme so far but it feels very me. I think I'll send some samples to a few friends along the way to keep me motivated. 

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• share more personal adventures on vivatramp 
I want to share more musings and adventures. I don't really get out a lot *audible gasps from everyone, I'm sure* but I know for a fact that I live for boring and I'm sure plenty of you lot do as well. Let's bloody hope so, eh?! 


• use my netflix account wisely 
I know this probably comes across as a really ridiculous goal to have but, in all honesty, I want to use my subscription for more than just watching The Office again and again. I watch a lot of television shows but I want to make some new Netflix discoveries this year. I'm currently two episodes in to Making A Murderer and it is fascinating. What should I add to my watch list?

vivatramp lifestyle blog 2016 resolutions goals

• start saving 
Time to be a bit responsible. 

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• get paid for doing shit i love 
I am so clueless when it comes to freelance fiction / creative non-fiction writing as a viable career. As I was saying earlier, thanks to my illness, I find it very difficult to concentrate and process big ideas, and I just don't know where to start where writing as a career is concerned. I need a hand, pals. If you have any resources or know of any websites or can give me any pointers, please let me know in an email or a comment.  

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• take more personal photographs 
As a blogger, it's very easy to fill your camera rolls and memory cards with photographs of things that will mean nothing in thirty years time....unless we all start getting really sentimental over flatlays of things we got rid of decades back. Time to take more photographs of people, events and such. I want to get through a considerable amount of film during 2016 so watch this space for said photographs. 

And that roughly completes my to do list for the following year. Have you set yourself any resolutions? If so, I want to know what they are. If not, I would like to congratulate you on your yolo approach to life. 2016 has been pretty sweet for me so far - I had a huge lie in, headed to the cinema for the second time to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens and as I type I can smell the gammon that's roasting away in the oven. If the rest of the year continues the way it has started, I should be pretty content. Yes pals, that's literally all it takes to keep me happy. How have you spent the first day of the new year? Drop me a tweet or a comment and let me know or, alternatively, just forget I even asked and go about your business as you were. 



  1. Such a well thought out list of goals. Good luck to you.

  2. Good luck with the goals, take more personal pics is something that I find I don't do enough of and definitely should. Welcome to the savings goal, I'm on that train too.

    I'm looking forward to reading more about your goals this year :)

  3. Love you, a lot. And yay for inspiring one of your goals! Mine feel so vague compared to yours lollllll. Let me know if I can help with any of them, especially if it means hopping on a train to see you <3

  4. Happy new year lovely Bee! I'm in a similar position re freelance writing at the moment, no idea what I'm doing, just trying to muddle through. Good luck with you goals, I'm sure you'll ace them all <3

  5. I love this list! It's so thought out :) mines pretty standard compared to yours!

  6. I love the idea of reading 52 books, I don't read enough! I think taking more personal photos is something I need to do as well.

  7. Happy New Year my beautiful. Perfect goals. I don't think the Netflix goal is silly at all! I've been doing the same this morning and trying to branch out more. Ain't no shame in squirreling hours away at things ya love. Yes to more personal photographs and less of the flatlays! I do enjoy a flatlay but spending time at home over Christmas has made me really savour those precious moments even more. As for the freelancing, have you considered pitching creative submissions to local and independent publications? No need to hunt down 'openings' necessarily but just big yourself up and share short snippets of what you can offer them? I'm not 100% sure on creative writing opportunities but a little browse on Gorkana Jobs can help to see where positions are opening or where content is required! xxxx

  8. Love this post :)

    I hear Jessica Jones is meant to be pretty good too, if you're looking for a new series to watch. Loving the orange dress too!

    Your New Years Days sounds perfect, happy 2016 xxx

  9. Nice list of goals. I tend not to make goals because I'm just completely naff at keeping to lists, restrictions...etc. But one thing I keep telling myself year on year is to stop running out of time and start running into it.

  10. These are lovely resolutions! I'd love to spend more times with my friends and I think it's so special to write to them :)
    Thanks for sharing the idea
    Lucy xoxo

  11. This is really well thought out. I wish you luck in completing your goals!

    Jemima x

    1. Couldn't find the 'add comment' section on your blog so thought I'd reply here! Thank you :)

  12. You seem to have put a lot of thought into these goals, good luck with them all! :) I'm definitely with you on making more of an effort to actually see your friends; it's so easy to be in constant contact over fb or whatever that you can go for ages without seeing anyone face to face! I need to seriously declutter my clothes too haha, it's a never ending task! Love that orange dress in your photo btw :) x

  13. Happy New Year, and good luck with your resolutions! :) I'm trying to keep this year simple, and my main goal is really just to CALM DOWN haha. Sometimes I stress too much about the little things.

  14. Happy New Year! I hope 2016 brings you happiness and amazing memories.
    Some of my goals are pretty much the same; read at least 16 books, try to clean out my Netflix watchlist, write more fiction, and definitely save those bucks! Good luck with your goals!

  15. Happy new year and can't wait to see more for you and your lovely little blog!

  16. Happy New Year Bee! I'm afraid I don't have any info on how to take your fiction writing freelance but it would be ace if you could share anything you do learn with us. Hope 2016 is wonderful x

  17. This year I'm aiming to be injury free. I've done so much damage to my ligaments, joints and assorted limbs that it started to frighten me a bit this year that in 10 years time or 20 they could lead to mobility issues. I really hope you're able to find ways to your own goals and that 2016 has some good stuff coming your way!

  18. awesome list, and i love the little collage of drawings etc. in the first photo (random, i know, but it needed to be said *shrugs*) also, a poetry collection sounds so exciting! I've been trying to push myself to properly start a short story for a while no, but maybe a poetry collection would also be a good idea - less pressure since i can write less at a time without feeling like i haven't done enough. best for 2016! x

    safah - oh, how i wander.

    [ ]


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