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My Reading Taste

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I'm gearing myself up for a quiet evening in, complete with Dexter season 2 (gotta get that annual re-watch in) and a big bowl of soup, but I thought I would come on here, a day later than my usual Wednesday and Sunday schedule, and share with you a list, a brain fart if you will, of my reading taste. This post was inspired by Vanessa at chboskyy - subscribe to her because she's great. These are some of the things that draw me to books - leave me your list in the comments below so I can see if I missed anything out! Also, feel free to leave me recommendations based on the following requirements. 

roadtrips - long, descriptive, road trips
post-apocalyptic worlds far removed from my own
anything post-apocalyptic, actually
Gothic tales of misty moors and weather-beaten people
oblique short stories 
difficult or taboo subjects
fucked up female protagonists
fucked up protagonists, in general
poems by the sea 
anything dark and brooding 
patti smith, just...yeah
books that look at mental health
tales of the South
magical realism, on occasion
intense platonic friendships
coming of age tales with witty little bastards at the helm
the forest as the home
sibling bonds
bold and bright trade paperbacks
serial killers, psychopaths and sociopaths
women that don't want anyone's help
books that look at identity and 'the self'
characters in remote places
'make u think' poetry
big books that chart a characters lifetime
thrillers that are actually good
mixed media or contemporary forms
narratives about grief that make me cri evrytiem

What does your reading taste look like? 

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  1. This is my reading taste to a T! I'd love to see your top picks from each category x

  2. We literally share the same reading taste, especially post apocalyptic, dystopian universes, I love that stuff! Well, not really to the point of wanting it to happen but there's something about reading something that is so far removed from your own societal identity, it intrigues me I guess.


  3. Great post! Lovely to get to know others taste in literature. I would love to see some of your top picks! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. What a great look at what you like! The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer is a good one for mental health - done in a really subtle way, the book is really charming if you haven't already read it!

  5. "coming of age tales with witty little bastards at the helm" yesyesyes!

    would like to add:
    Books taking place in restrictive institutions such as boarding schools, hospitals, prisons
    Magical realist short story collections
    Female artist memoirs
    Non-fiction on dead bodies, crime and decay
    Essay collections written by over sharing millennials


  6. I recommend the book 'Latitudes of Melt' as a book spanning a character's life. A lovely read :)


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