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Things That Make Me Happy 59

happy list
messages that say 'I understand you'
the promise of a weekend at the cottage
an hour of reading, in silence
fresh air that a short walk to the post box affords me 
bad doodles

bookish mail
small daily rituals
the excitement of picking out a new book 
the unconditional love of dogs
biro carved paper

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I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, you can scroll through the archive.



  1. Aw, yay I'm glad you'll be sharing more of these lists this month! I always read them, even if you post them on Instagram :) I get like second-hand happiness from them :) Something that's made me happy today: despite feeling incredibly panicky, I was able to buy myself two Lush bath bombs from the Christmas range in town today! I also picked up a new book :) There were several moments when I thought I'd have to rush home as I was so anxious, but I was able to stay grounded. :)

    Lauren x

  2. Such a great series, it's so nice to share these moments and also how we can all relate :)


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