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  1. YES to the gameshows- we try and keep tabs on how many we get right when watching University Challenge (Universally Challenged in our house I'm afraid), and consider it an achievement if we can get 5 right between us!

    Love to see your lists of happy things, right now, crochet is making me happy, love the easy repetitive motion that I can keep my hands occupied with and half an eye on The Good Wife too.

  2. Grandmas always have good tin biscuits ! mine does too and her jar of chocolate too haha! great cute post :)

  3. Aww, 'grandma and her tin of biscuits' - is there anything better than these simple, homely pleasures? This really made me miss my grandma, who lives in Northern Ireland. I would definitely appreciate a cup of tea and a plate of biscuits in her front room right now!


  4. My online community (which most definitely, completely and utterly, includes YOU!).

    Your prompts.

    Cups of tea and posh choc biscuits (but of course!).

    IG. Seems silly but I love it and the opportunity it gives me to share.

    Looking outside and seeing orange and yellow trees (and very thankful I'm inside when I can see it's raining).



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