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100 More Book Blog Post Ideas

vivatramp book blog post ideas

Last month, I shared 100 book blog post ideas and, luckily for you, I've managed to come up with 100 more book blog post ideas to help inspire you. Aren't I a precious little snowflake?! If you've got any other ideas to add, leave them below. 

1 share some book blog post ideas! 
collate some award winning reads - how do you feel about awards? do they change your reading experience? 
required reading - talk about books you had to study during education 
do the harry potter tag
do the 'if you liked this...' tag and recommend some reads
6 do the elements book cover tag 
7 do the a little less lonely tag
8 share your #fridayreads 
9 share your top novels of the year so far 
10 talk about books that you've seen in TV shows and films 
11 what reads did you personally feel were overhyped? be honest!
12 run a reading related Q & A
13 share the books that made you cry and why
14 talk about your favourite book series
15 go blind book shopping and buy books without researching them first
16 discuss books that you bought because of people's reviews 
17 list your top book spines 
18 do you judge a book by its cover? yes / no? 
19 compile a list of books you wish to re-read once your TBR is under control!
20 who are your most read authors? what do you like about them so much? 
21 what authors are good to follow on social media? 
22 how to survive book buying bans
23 do audiobooks count as reading? 
24 the goodreads challenge: why you do / don't participate 
25 share some funny reads 
26 do the rainbow spines book tag
27 do the 7 deadly sins of reading tag
28 should you annotate your books? 
29 share your collection of coffee table books 
30 books with titles that you love 
31 maps in books 
32 list some loathsome characters 
33 travel books: what books helped you plan your breaks 
34 create your own bookish scavenger hunt!
35 start a travelling book project: buy a book, annotate it, send it to another reader, get them to annotate it and send to another person. after a year or so of travelling, get it sent back to you and you'll have a great keepsake!
36 books that surprised you somehow 
37 organise a literary dinner party
38 bookshelf warmers: books that you've owned but not read for years 
39 list your top cookbooks and make a recipe from them
40 create a book tag of your very own
41 share a list of banned books that you really enjoy 
42 start a book club and document the process 
43 list buddy reads that you would like to do and pair yourself up with people 
44 inscriptions in books - your favourites and do you leave them for others to enjoy? 
45 favourite fan theories 
46 DNF list - tell us about books that you didn't finish 
47 top novellas 
48 list authors you'd like to meet 
49 tell us about your worst book hangovers - what books couldn't you stop thinking about? 
50 bookish collections - do you collect one particular title? 

51 library books

52 your reading stats - do you keep an eye on them? 
53 do the jeff goldblum book tag 
54 what books have been influential to you? 
55 list your top heroines and why they're so important 
56 do the britney spears book tag
57 share a behind the scenes of your book blog / channel 
58 play marry, kiss or cliff with literary characters 
59 talk about place as character 
60 share your guilty pleasure reads and assess whether you should feel guilt in the first place 
61 talk intertextuality - books based on others e.g wide sargasso sea
62 share plans for your own novel - regardless of whether or not you'll write one 
63 create a dystopian world 
64 top plays and screenplays
65 do a bookmark DIY 
66 share the books that you wish you'd written 
67 how many books do you read at one time? 
68 create a cosy reading nook and document the process
69 twitter plots: describe books within 140 characters
70 respond to the following: 'i would love to read but i just don't have the time' 
71 stop start books - books that you'd picked up a few times but haven't got into 
72 books that help with grief and loss 
73 go to a book festival and share the experience 
74 do the bookmarks and book-marks book tag
75 list your favourite bookish feelings 
76 what would you name your memoir?
77 books you own but haven't talked about before 
78 share some advice for new book bloggers/tubers 
79 discuss reading admin - donate books / clean your shelves / update goodreads 
80 what books intimidate you? 
81 donate books to strangers - leave them around for others to find 
82 how to review books 
83 top 5 books that you believe should become classics
84 go on an adventure inspired by a book 
85 discuss your dream library - what does it look like? 
86 share books that are low on your tbr and see if someone will bump them up 
87 how many owned and unread books is too many? 
88 create some book inspired party ideas 
89 on unhauling - do you keep all your books? should we unhaul?
90 books that you would love to study & the titles of the papers you'd write! 
91 what are your bookish turnoffs? 
92 LGBTQA+ literature 
93 food and drink in books - maybe recreate some of your favourite scenes!
94 should white authors be allowed to write the black / POC experience?  
95 hold a giveaway!
96 best of: online sales - kindle sales etc
97 reading together - do you do it? any tips?
98 seasonal reads 
99 paperbacks vs. hardbacks
100 books to cheer others up 

I have now given you 200 book blog post ideas so that should keep you all busy for a year or so! Do you have any others that you would like to add? Pool your bookish knowledge and imagination below. 

Check out my 100 Book Blog Post Ideas and other book blog posts if you haven't already done so! 



  1. Oh my word I love you! I've been getting to the point where I've been struggling to think of new ideas or even find new tags to do. Reading this is certainly inspiring and hopefully will keep me ticking along for a while. Going to bookmark this to keep coming back to, then check out your other 100.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. oh my goodness, this is amazing - I can't believe you thought of all of these! I'll be taking plenty of inspiration from this post.

    Emily xx

  3. fucking hell girl, this is amazing! I just found your blog and I'm loving it :) Straight to my RSS reader

  4. I came across this post from Pinterest, and many of these ideas are amazing! Thank you for the suggestions. I'm new to book blogging and am struggling to come up with ideas other than the typical review. Thank you!

  5. So many great ideas that I'm sure to implement as I figure out how to fully rebrand my content and rekindle my love of book blogging!
    - K

  6. It's amazing Great Work It's really help me to expand my key skill of Content and other Book blog posting.

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  12. This list is amazing! I am checking out a few tags. Thank you for this.

  13. This is a great list. Thak you for sharing it Ricky Santos


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