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Things That Make Me Happy 60

quiet mornings  introducing friends to TV shows jam on toast cut in quarters thinking in poetry
paisley prints  comic book panels california nights album spontaenously rising to the challenge 
going with my gut days where my passion is stronger than my fear picking out music lets play videos 
best friends  wood…

Book Haul feat. Yeonmi Park

October was a glorious month for me book-buying wise because some kindhearted people gave me a little bit of money to celebrate my graduation. 'But Bee, why didn't you save that money for something important?' - well, dear reader, the answer is, and always will be, yolo. If you have bou…

100 More Book Blog Post Ideas

Last month, I shared 100 book blog post ideas and, luckily for you, I've managed to come up with 100 more book blog post ideas to help inspire you. Aren't I a precious little snowflake?! If you've got any other ideas to add, leave them below. 

1share some book blog post ideas!
2 collate s…
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