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Photo an Hour feat. Appleyard London

On the 18th September 2015, unbeknownst to you, I decided to share my day with you. Here's a little photo diary of what I got up to -- expect cake, celebrations, family and more cake. 

vivatramp lifestyle blog uk chickens photo an hour

7am - morning!  
I started my day by saying a sleepy good morning to the new additions to the family. We now have 6 chickens: Amy, Liz, Rachel, Jill, Winnie and Mae. They're all named after loved ones that have passed away...and Amy Winehouse. I also said good morning to the pups but there's no way to photograph Jessie using me as a climbing frame and Woody barging through everything in his path to get a decent kiss on the head. It's only now, of course, through the haze of editing, that I realise that this photograph is, in fact, blurry. Great.

cereal vivatramp lifestyle blog photo an hour a day in the life

8AM - breakfast 
I have to leave a gap before I can even start thinking about eating in the mornings, unless some kind soul takes pity on me and happens to make me some bacon. Today was a boring cereal day that I enjoyed with a big mug of decaff. 

uk lifestyle blog emails vivatramp photo an hour adventures with bee

9am - emails 
Someone recently added me to a database and now I'm inundated with useless press releases, so my inbox is a fun place to be. I'm trying to get into a better pattern email-answering wise and it's going okay so far! 

white oleander uk vivatramp lifestyle book blog photo an hour

10am - read

I rewarded myself with twenty minutes or so of White Oleander. My full review will be up next month, of course, but (spoiler alert) I gave it 5 stars. 

vivatramp lifestyle book blog uk weekly planner

11am - planning 

I don't know what I would do without my to do lists and weekly planners. I have to write everything down in order to remember  what I'm supposed to be doing so this pad from Rifle Paper Co has been a godsend.  

uk lifestyle book blog photo an hour vlog

12pm - walk to the shops 
Little Cub and I were spending the day at Grandma's to celebrate her 82nd birthday so we headed to the shop to buy some things for lunch and, of course, two birthday cakes. One isn't enough!

vivatramp photo an hour a day in the life blog post ideavivatramp lifestyle book blog

1pm - lunch time!
When we asked Grandma where she wanted to go for her birthday lunch, she requested that we instead stay in and have chicken and oven chips. She's a cheap date, bless her! Her appetite hasn't been great lately but she shifted an entire plate of food and it made me really happy to see her enjoy it. 

vivatramp appleyard london luxury flowers flowers by post send flowersvivatramp day in the life blogsend flowers online next day delivery flower serviceappleyard london luxury flowers send flowers online vivatramp lifestyle blog

2pm - appleyard flowers arrival 
Appleyard London got in touch and asked whether I'd like to test their luxury flower delivery service and, knowing that it was Grandma's birthday coming up, I jumped at the chance. If there's one woman who knows her flowers, it's my Grandma. It's safe to say I made an excellent choice in this Harmony bouquet because she has not stopped showing them off to everyone who comes through the door! Grandchild points! It did come with a box of chocolates but they went unphotographed and inhaled. Now that I know what the finished result looks like, and pals they're seriously beautiful, I'd definitely send flowers from their of my own accord in the future. Handily, they also offer next day flowers so it's a great option for those of you who, like me, sometimes forget loved one's birthdays until late in the day. Oops. 

They've given me a discount code for my readers to use to get a sweet 33% off of their range of luxury bouquets - excluding the flowers by post range. Just type in  BLOG33 to get 33% off your order! Don't say I don't treat you. 

vivatramp daily vlog blog uk lifestyle

3pm - tea and cake round one
The neighbours popped round for mugs of tea, cake and chats about cathedrals, flowers and bus rallies. A mixed bag.

birthday cake day in the life photo an hour vlog daily blog vivatramp lifestyle

4pm - tea and cake round two

A mere hour later, it was time to eat even more cake - this time with Luke and, my sister's boyfriend, Matt. 

books vivatramp book blog uk

5pm - browsing bookshelves

My Grandma and I have a shared love of literature, so we can often be found discussing it in some form. When I lived with her a couple of years back, she would recite poetry to me late into the night. Yes, that was a real life thing that actually happened at least a few times a week. We are straight out of the movies.

vivatramp lifestyle book blog uk

6pm - chill
Little Cub recently went to Longleat so we sat down and went through all of her photographs of escapee penguins before she had to leave us for the evening. Grandma was enthused.

smoked salmon lifestyle blog

7pm - tea time!
 I had some smoked salmon to use up that I had intended to scramble with some eggs, but when the time came I just couldn't be arsed with the dishes so I made myself some salmon and bread and butter! You can't beat it. 


8pm - tv

We settled down to watch some television and, in my Grandma's case, take a lengthy nap. We watched Would I Lie To You?, Grand Designs, Bake Off Extra Slice and Rick Stein's latest show over the course of the evening. I'm a little sad that we didn't watch any murder mysteries because that's quintessential Grandma viewing. 

uk lifestyle blog

9pm - nightcap

I always make myself a warm mug of milk when I'm at Grandma's, for sentimental reasons. 

book blog uk

10pm - 2 chapters

After saying goodnight, I headed to my room and finished off White Oleander. I then turned out the light and thought about the reading experience as a whole. 

and then, sleep!! 

I'm so glad I decided to document this quiet little day with my Grandma and sister, two of my favourite people in the entire world. So many bloggers and youtubers apologise for sharing snapshots of quieter 'homey' days but I like people's quiet. It's comforting. 

If you'd like to scroll through all of my adventures then you can do so. 


*Appleyard London gifted me a bouquet of flowers for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Aw looks like you had a lovely day - I love seeing what people get up to in a day so interesting!

    Lucy |

  2. Loved this style of post, Bee! I felt like I was sat with you & your family, eating chicken & chips and chatting literature x

    Sarah | Sequin This

  3. This was so sweet it almost made me cry. Reminds me of days with my grandmother. I would love to see more of these posts. The quiet, simple life with family is what the blogging world needs more of - not less. I loved this so much!

  4. Yes more of this please! I love normal blog posts about the small but very important hinges that make people happy (ie 2 birthday cakes erm yes please!) happy birthday to your grandma she looks ace! X

  5. This honestly looks like the loveliest day!! You can't beat a day with your Gran and I'm loving her shelfie!

    Would love to see more posts like this :)

    Kelly xx

  6. What an excellent post idea!
    Looks like you and your grandma had a lovely day :)
    Abi x

  7. It looks like you had such a great day with your gran! She looks absolutely amazing for her age - I was so shocked when I read that haha! I love that you got chickens - are they rescue ones? We've had chickens for the past 7 years now and they are so much fun to watch! :)
    xo April | April Everyday

  8. Happy belated birthday to your grandma! Bless her with her chicken and chips! Like I said in your other day in pictures post, I love this type of post - I find it genuinely so interesting to get a glimpse inside other people's lives.


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