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Creative Prompts 2

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Following on from last month's 40 Creative Prompts post, I thought I'd turn this into a little monthly series for any creatives out there that are looking for further inspiration. 

These prompts are extremely vague for a reason; I want you to be able to use them for whatever you see fit: for stories, pieces of art, a series of photographs, ideas for blog posts, whatever takes your fancy! Take them literally or have a bit of fun with them. It's up to you. I really enjoyed hearing about all the things you were hoping to use these prompts for last month so if you've still not got round to using them yet, now's the time to pencil in some creative time over the next week or so.  


1  mountain                                                                                11•  constellations
2•  thirst                                                                                        12•  wishbone 
3•  fatal                                                                                         13   body parts
4  the square                                                                             14   circus 
5  for sale                                                                                   15•  bedsheets
6  declutter                                                                                 16•  creature 
7•  fireflies                                                                                    17•  pocket
8•  blackberry                                                                               18•  seashells
9•  snapdragons                                                                          19•  apple a day
10•  magpie                                                                                  20•  digital 

What do you use creative prompts for? What are you working on at the moment? Feel free to scroll through my other creative prompts for further inspiration. Otherwise, you can check out my other creative blog posts



  1. Love this idea. It's always nice for someone else to provide prompts for writing as I think we are all guilty of struggling sometimes! I'm really getting into writing poetry at the moments, so I think I may take some of these prompts and use them for that. (: x

  2. This is such a cool post! It's something I've never tried before either so it'll be nice to try and get more creative, it's kinda like thinking outside the box in a way! I need some of your creativity haha!

    Ali :)

  3. these are such a great idea! I think I will use a few c:


  4. I love these, Bee! Really excited that they'll be a monthly series :) xx

  5. Ooh, thanks a bunch! I am a writer always looking for random little words. Often I have to resort to asking my family for the first word they can think of. I've gotten "elephant" more than I care to mention. Thanks again!

  6. I love this posts!

  7. your blog is so beautiful ! I love to read it

  8. Think I'll save some of your prompts for when I'm thinking of things to draw!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!


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