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100 Book Blog Post Ideas

100 book blog post ideas vivatramp book blog uk vivatramp blog post ideas inspiration

It's no secret that I absolutely love books and will talk about them at great length to anyone that will entertain me with their spare time. I have been blogging about reading for quite a few years now and in that time I have amassed a ton of book blog post ideas, from things that I have already shared, to things that I would like to share with you in the future. 

Being the kind soul that I am, I thought I would share the wealth and pool 100 book blog post ideas for you all to get involved with. Whether you're a book blogger or not, these posts could prove to inspire new conversations in your very own spaces and encourage your communities to try something new so give them a go! 

1 compile a bookshelf tour 
do the time and place book tag
3 do the be a good human tag
share some bookish gift ideas
do the fictional bucket list tag
6  write some mini book reviews
7 what are your favourite books of all time? why?
8 write a diary entry from the POV of one of your favourite fictional characters 
9 alternatively, list your favourite fictional characters
10 share a book haul
11 tips for buying books
12 tips on how to read more
13 share some underhyped reads
14 share your favourite bookshops
15 where do you read? show us! 
16 raid other people's bookshelves & share your finds
17 create some book spine poetry
18 do the on my shelf tag
19 share your most beautiful books
20 books i should've read already
21 favourite book bloggers or booktubers
22 favourite bookish websites or resources
23 create your very own TBR jar
24 TBR for the week / month / year
25 make a reading challenge jar 
26 share tips on how to get out of a reading slump
27 do the reading habits tag
28 create your very own readathon complete with challenges
29 share your reading history 
30 books vs. their TV / film adaptations 
31 create a reading playlist full of tracks that remind you of books
32 favourite audiobooks
33 favourite literary quotes
34 share the biography of your favourite writer - what influenced them?
35 team up with a friend & recommend each other books 
36 discuss your favourite poems & poets
37 second hand challenge - head into a shop with £10 & see what you can get 
38 redesign an ugly book cover
39 describe books in a photograph / drawing / sentence & get your readers to guess the book!
40 bookish time capsule - create a capsule full of books that you deem worthy to save 
41 book apocalypse - you can only read one book or one author before the end of the world, what / who is it? 
42 how do you organise your books?
43 go on a bookshop crawl - capture the experience!
44 favourite illustrations in books
45 pressures you've faced as a reader
46 share the things you love about bookshops
47 create a bookish instagram challenge & involve your readers
48 collate some tips for buying books in charity shops
49 notable literary landmarks and locations in your local area
50 translated fiction

51 top books to give as gifts

52 books you couldn't put down
53 do the classics book tag
54 favourite non-fiction / memoirs
55 books set in your local area
56 do the book cake tag
57 how do you rate books? 
58 diversity in books & reading & your take on the matter
59 do the a - z book tag
60 an introduction to: (a genre / author / era / area of criticism)
61 favourite childhood reads
62 set some reading goals
63 what are you currently reading?
64 hold a themed reading month e.g 'austen august' 
65 top short story collections
66 publisher spotlight
67 unhaul some books
68 bookish merchandise
69 find someone who doesn't read & start a feature with them: recommend them books & share their findings
70 share book club advice
71 do an unboxing post or video
72 favourite debut novels by writers 
73 share some #readsoullit picks
74 air some grievances about the bookish community & some resolutions for them 
75 do the unread books tag 
76 bigger books
77 interview an author or a fellow reader or pretend to interview a character
78 literary tropes that you enjoy
79 recommended holiday reads 
80 books that share a common theme / setting  
81 favourite book dedications  
82 why do you read?   
83 most anticipated reads 
84 books you would put on the curriculum  
85 challenge yourself to try a new genre 
86 do the zombie apocalypse book tag
87 how do you feel about book snobbery?  
88 create bookish art by taking a photo of a book surrounded by items that feature in the story
89 should you separate the author from the work?
90 do you specialise in a certain area or era of literature? share your literary knowledge. 
91 books everyone should read at least once
92 play the role of the author & rewrite a book of your choice. share what you would do differently. 
93 unpopular bookish opinions - is there an author you can't stand that others love? 
94 snap an outfit inspired by a character 
95 books you would love to see adapted 
96 favourite first sentences
97 do the naked hardbacks tag
98 favourite epigraphs (the short quotations or sayings at the beginning of some books!)
99 book wishlist - what are you hoping to buy next?
100 hold a blind date with some books - cover them up with pretty paper, write a bullet point list of descriptions that hint towards the books content and then get your readers to guess the books you picked out.  

And now it's time to turn these 100 book blog post ideas into something more! Do you have anything else to add? It'd be great if you could share some ideas in the comments below. If this list hasn't sparked any inspiration, not to worry as I'll be back with another 100 book blog post ideas next month. Yup, that's right. 100 more. I'm going to drown you in ideas.

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  1. This is super useful! Thank you for sharing.

    I was literally just thinking about what posts I can schedule for the upcoming month. Voila!

    average adventures

  2. Wow, thanks for the ideas. I could definitely use some of these :)
    I love reading, but I'm always struggling how to write about them. I don't think I'm very good at reviewing and it's nice to have some other ideas for blog posts.

    Thank you :)

  3. Definitely bookmarking this! Thanks so much :)

  4. Agh this is so great, thank you!

  5. Such a wonderful post and so useful! Thank you for sharing this :)

    Sarah's Chapter

  6. This is a great blogpost! To come up with a hundred ideas... That's impressive!
    Really enjoyed it :)


  7. Thank you so much for creating this blog post! I've been stumped as to what to post in recent weeks and this has helped a lot!

    Thank you very much xx

  8. Great post! Definitely going to use some of these ideas in the new yeat, thanks!

  9. So many tags!!! I shall enjoy doing them! Thank you for the ideas!

  10. Thank you so much! I am just starting out and needed some ideas of what to do other than reviews all the time. This list is so helpful!

  11. Wonderful post!!!! So helpful, thank you!

  12. This post help me out, I was running out of ideas!! Thank you.
    You have a lovely blog :)

  13. There are times when I just can't think of anything to write about and I want to do more discussions in the near future. Thanks for this list :)

    Megan - Ginger Mom and the Kindle Quest

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