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10 Blog Post Ideas for Creatives

Creativity, in my experience, is something that you have to own and make yours somehow. It's yours to cultivate over years and years and yet it is rarely plain sailing. Your efforts will make you feel less than just as often as they will make you feel like you've just come up with the greatest idea of all time. 

These ideas will take you to strange places and may warrant vague looking glances, but some of them may go on to form the basis of much larger projects and some may even end up in the hands of others for their enjoyment and perusal. 

1. Discuss your latest projects 
write here 

2. shout out fellow creatives 
or create a swipe file of things that inspire you 

3. learn a new skill 
and document the learning process  

4. where do you create? 
show us your space & give us top tips on creating ours 

5. share some creative prompts 
or hand out some advice / lessons you've learnt 

6. a day in the life of your creativity 
capture your process from sunrise to sunset

7. what pressures or anxieties have you faced in relation to creativity? 

8. show us your tools 
could be online resources, physical tools, comforts... 

9. lets see your work! 

10. the history of your creative endeavors

11. tell us about your future dream projects 

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  1. some good ideas here :) thank you

  2. Thank you for these! I have really enjoyed posting about some of these in the past and there are some new ideas for me here too! Will definitely be saving this :)

    Sophie |

  3. I like creative prompt posts like this. I love the idea of doing a day in the life of creativity, even if most of my day is spent doodling at my desk when I'm in a creative slump! Also, I love the washi tape you've used on your Wreck This Journal, I really need to look mine out and start wrecking again!

    Kirsty »

  4. After many years of keeping an up to date blog I often find myself struggling for ideas on what to post, so thank you for these suggestions! :)

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