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Book Haul feat. Eric Carle

September was another bountiful month for bookish mail, with lots of books arriving on my doorstep. These hauls have been review copy heavy of late, I know, but I find book buying quite difficult when I'm recovering from surgery, as I prefer to buy my books from secondhand bookshops and charity…

Photo an Hour: A Quiet Sunday

On Sunday 27th September 2015, unbeknownst to you, I decided to share my day with you. Here's a little photo diary of what I got up to -- this time you can expect Sunday laziness, animals and some sunshine. 

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I woke up around half 9 which, for me, is pretty early for a Sunday.  It wasn't exactly a carpe-frigging-diem sort of wake up, it was more of a gaze-out-the-window-and-attempt-to-move-a-few-limbs-in-tandem sort of wake up, but it was nice and Sunday appropriate. The cottage has low windows, meaning  you can lie in bed and watch the world go by.

Banned Books Week TBR

Banned Books Week is an event that explores censorship in relation to literature and this year it runs from 27th September - 3rd October. Throughout the week, you're encouraged to read books that have been banned or challenged for their content. If you're stuck for ideas, a quick Google sea…

Photo an Hour feat. Appleyard London

On the 18th September 2015, unbeknownst to you, I decided to share my day with you. Here's a little photo diary of what I got up to -- expect cake, celebrations, family and more cake. 

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7am - morning!  
I started my day by saying a sleepy good morning to the new additions to the family. We now have 6 chickens: Amy, Liz, Rachel, Jill, Winnie and Mae. They're all named after loved ones that have passed away...and Amy Winehouse. I also said good morning to the pups but there's no way to photograph Jessie using me as a climbing frame and Woody barging through everything in his path to get a decent kiss on the head. It's only now, of course, through the haze of editing, that I realise that this photograph is, in fact, blurry. Great.

#UnderHypedReads Readathon TBR

If you've been reading Vivatramp for a while now, you may remember that I posted about 20 #UnderhypedReads On My Shelf a while back that celebrated the reads that I owned but hadn't heard much about. Well, the underhyped movement is still very much alive and Charlotte's latest #UnderHyp…

Book Reviews feat. Richard Wright

August was the month of the readathon for me, pals. I took part in both the Booktubeathon and the Bout of Books 14.0 and, as such, I ended up reading a lot more than I usually would during the month. They were my first and second readathons respectively and I have to say I think I've caught the…
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