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I'm always harping on about the benefits of working with creative prompts over here on Vivatramp, particularly within the context of creative writing, so I thought I'd finally get round to posting a selection of my very own random prompts for you to use at your leisure. 

These prompts can be used for whatever creative purpose you see fit. Write stories inspired by them! Create pieces of art! Snap photographs inspired by them! You could even use them to inspire blog posts! Use them in a literal sense or manipulate them slightly, it's really up to you. If you end up using any of these, I'd love to see your efforts so tag me in your instagrams, tweet me your links and leave me a heads up in the comments section below!

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creative prompts

1  half light                                                                                  11•  puncture
2 maps                                                                                        12•  knot 
3•  eavesdrop                                                                               13   afterlife
4  pizza bones                                                                             14   den
5  tinfoil hat                                                                                   15•  carriage
6  museum                                                                                    16•  blueprint 
7•  sweet nothings                                                                        17•  naive
8•  growing pains                                                                          18•  ornamental
9•  dust                                                                                            19•  breakfast
10•  home                                                                                      20•  walkway

creative writing prompts

21  regret                                                                                      31  raw 
22•  bludgeon                                                                              32•  ink 
23•  portrait                                                                                   33•  absorb
24•  skin                                                                                         34•  description

25  hinge                                                                                      35•  drifting

26•  daisies                                                                                    36•  tongue

27•  nightfall                                                                                  37  bumble

28•  bloom                                                                                     38•  malignant

29  memory                                                                                  39•  dusk

30•  coat                                                                                         40•  painkillers

I think I'm going to give some of these a go myself and maybe share my efforts with you in the future. Watch this space. 

What do you use creative prompts for? What are you working on at the moment? Feel free to scroll through my other creative prompts for further inspiration. Otherwise, you can check out my other creative blog posts



  1. sometimes it only takes a word to inspire a great idea! love this post and very happy to have found your blog! x

  2. Thank you for you this. I'm going to try some of these, I'm in a real writing mood at the moment.

    I find that people watching always inspires me to write - I look at people and wonder what their relationships are with the people they're with, why they're in that place, and things like that, and my brain runs away with ideas.

  3. What a greet post, going to use some of these. Thank you.

  4. These are really great! Thank you I've been in need of something to inspire me :)

  5. Not sure what I'm going to use these for but I can already sense my brain whirring. Thanks for these lovely x

  6. I really love small prompts like these, they are so much better than prompts that are sentences. These you can expand on in anyway you want and so the creativity is much more creative!!x


  7. I love short prompts like this that you can really interpret however you like, these will be great for me! Thank you <3

    Sophie |

  8. I love prompts and everything about prompts! Please do more of these posts, I can never find a good prompt for writing when I need one :D Bookmarking this now, Bee!

  9. Great ideas!

  10. Loved this post, so creative. And lovely photos. Thanks for sharing x

  11. This is such a great post, and really inspiring me to get off my butt and do something creative!

    Sam xx

  12. Lovely idea - never thought to do this before!


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