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Wreck This Journal 6

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After nearly a year (how?!) away from my Wreck This Journal, I sat down the other week and devoted some time to finishing off some more pages. Interestingly, my efforts were incredibly free form and childish. Make of that what you will and take time out to work on your own journal / equivalent activity for half an hour or so. 

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[+] make a paper chain 

I find that, sometimes, the best and most freeing type of creativity is inspired by embracing my childhood creative identity which, for me, comes in the form of sitting down quietly with fistfuls of colouring pencils. There's something to be said for colouring outside of the lines, I'm telling you. I feel like everyone seems a bit lost at the moment, whether that's down to mercury and its sodding retrograde, or whether we are all feeling a mid-year malaise, but everyone (or at least those of us in the blogging world) seems a bit...unsure. I always find that it's best to just go straight back to basics when I'm feeling that way, before working my way back up to a human being that has some idea of what they're actually doing.  

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[+] introduction page 

I'm at a stage in life where I don't really know what I'm doing, at least not career-wise. I want to write and share things that I'm passionate about but I know my body isn't capable of holding down a 'normal' travel-to-work-and-actually-look-as-if-we-aren't-in-pain-all-day sort of thing. I'm hoping to go freelance, but then I have no idea how to actually go about that and it's going to take time to work it all out. If you have any awesome resources / websites to share on the subject of freelancing / freelance writing, please let me know. I think things would be easier to plan if I didn't feel too scared to think about the future. I can never guarantee my health and wellbeing, and that makes me feel less capable. It shouldn't do but it does.  

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[+] tear out & crumple 

I always find that people are scared of creativity, which is strange because as kids I'm pretty sure that's what we live for. I get comments on these posts about how people would love to do something similar but they aren't skilled enough or whatever. The truth is, no one is really fucking good at everything. I, for one, know I am not great when it comes to art but who cares? Why do we feel we have to be good at things in order to do them? On second thoughts, that's not applicable to everything. I just try to remind myself that creativity doesn't have to be groundbreaking or award winning or even remotely 'good'. It just is. It just happens. 

 If you'd like to spend some time rifling through my previous Wreck This Journal posts, please feel free to do so. 



  1. Yours is so much better than mine! Need to pick up my Wreck This Journal game!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  2. you're a cutie bee, i love reading your creative posts, they put my mind at ease.

  3. Love these pages, especially the patterns on your paper chain. <3

  4. I love your paper chain. It looks so cute.

  5. Ahh I need me one of these journals. I just had a thought while reading this that maybe you should try contacting Jen ( ) as she's a freelance (I think) copy writer, so she might be able to give you a few pointers :) love yoooooouuuu xxx

  6. PS. Your colour-coded bookshelves are sexy x


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