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hello! If you don't follow me elsewhere on the internet (links below - wink!), you're probably wondering where I've been again! Unfortunately, I'm currently recovering from another spell in hospital and some further abdominal surgery. I'm about a week in to recovery now so things are still quite new but if I'm honest my headspace has begun to get pretty clogged up with fun, creative and bookish ideas so I've decided that now is the time to return! I'm aiming to share things here whenever I am able. I'm still getting used to a few things body-wise so you'll have to forgive me if things seem even less polished than usual over here! Photographs will be even blurrier. Words will be even more slapdash. Just when you thought Vivatramp couldn't get more lo-fi....

The good thing about recovering from surgery is that I have lots more time to read, even if I don't always have the inspiration to. 2015, for me, has been the year of the graphic novel (reviews coming soon - sorry about that!) and whilst that's great I'm really starting to miss reading longer tomes. As I was struggling to curate a TBR, I thought I'd turn to my bookshelf organisation for help and create a tentative rainbow-coloured TBR. I have taken one unread book from each colour block and told myself that I cannot pick another up until I have read the colour that already sits in the pile. Make sense? This will hopefully be a good way for me to get back into reading, as well as a great way to get through all of my unread books. The latter will take me years, unfortunately, but a reader can dream. For those wondering, I've already started both a coney island of the mind by lawrence ferlinghetti and how to get into the twin palms by karolina waclawiak. 

As I'm hoping to be around more, I was wondering whether any of you had any requests r:e what you'd like to see next? I've got some creative writing advice lined up and a miniature Wreck This Journal post that's almost good to go but what else would you like to see? I'm all ears. I'm going to get comfortable for a night on the sofa watching television - food and ridiculous wedding-related programmes are on the menu!  



  1. I'm just about to start The Apple Tart Of Hope. Looks great. All the best with your recovery!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  2. Hope you are well Bee and that I will be seeing more from your beautiful blog soon. Always puts a smile on my read to your posts x

  3. Looking forward to your reviews. Keep your chin up, petal : )

    Faded Windmills


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