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How To Pick Your Holiday Reads

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Deciding what to read whilst on holiday / over the summer break can be an absolute nightmare for people like me that have quite a lot of choice and a complete lack of ability when it comes to making bookish decisions. Thankfully, I've come up with a handful of tips for us all to organise our holiday reads somewhat. I'm also here to share some of the books that I may read over the summer. 

tips for organising your holiday reads:

1| Work out whether you want quick fun reads or books that challenge you

2| Plan in advance so you have time to switch it up 
3| Mix up your genres for books to suit every mood
4| Take wild cards!
5| Be realistic about how many books you'll read 
6| Raid the charity shops for cheap paperbacks that you can then leave for other people
7| Read a book set where you're holidaying 
8| Take a book that someone else has picked out for you 

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  1. Great post! So excited to read The Secret History, someone told me it was similar to 'Special Topics in Calamity Physics', which is unlike any book I've ever read before and I would definitely recommend it! (I actually had to log in to my library account to remember the name, damn you long titles!) xxx

  2. have been wanting to read most of the books you mentioned, esp The Secret History!

  3. I love the tip about reading a book set in the place you're visiting, may need to do that before my trip to Rome this Summer :) Homemade Love looks fab! May need to hunt for that one Xx

  4. You have a great line up of books there! When I'm on holiday I like to read quite light hearted and feel good books, I also like the idea of reading a book set in a place you are visiting :) xx


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