Friday, 22 May 2015

On Wearing Glasses

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I am of the belief that glasses make people's faces way more interesting. I say 'of the belief', but it is actually scientifically proven* that those that wear glasses are just much better people than those that don't wear them. Not worth knowing, the lot of them. 

The aforementioned scientific fact is music to my ears when the alternatives are popping contacts in my eyes (no thanks! nopety nope) or laser eye surgery *short pause whilst I wipe the vomit from my chin*. I've been wearing glasses for around 7 years now and, if I'm honest, I've had nae bother with them and I've even grown out of accidentally sitting on them almost monthly. 

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These London Retro Mason frames haven't left my face since the moment I got them in the post, so you may be familiar with them if you frequent my Instagram page. They were sent to me for review purposes, and my review is nothing but positive. They're good quality, scratch resistant and work well with everything in my wardrobe. I say that last bit as if it actually matters to me whether things go with things or not...

I would genuinely, and very highly, recommend Glasses Direct for buying glasses online. They offer a diverse range of frames for a mix of prices, and they also offer a 7 day home trial service that lets you pick out four different frames to try on at home so you can get everyone's opinion which is ridiculously handy. They're also one of those rare bands that use their email newsletters wisely and are always offering discounts and special deals. Great stuff. 

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I have taken it upon myself to share some photographs of my prospective husbands wearing glasses, just because I can. I am drunk on an incredibly small amount of power right now. Also, isn't it overwhelming just how plausible it is that I could settle with one/all of the following?!

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I would love to know what frames you swear by if you wear glasses, as I'm always on the look out for more to add to my collection. Hey, maybe one day I'll own a pair that aren't tortoiseshell print and relatively square... 

*I don't know science. 



  1. And me ;) hey - mine are tortoiseshell and square! From good ol' Specsavers because I have a flat nose/am a Voldemort wannabe.

  2. Glasses really suit you, you look so pretty in these pictures! I don't see why people don't like to wear glasses, I don't see anything wrong with them at all. Also love your shirt :) xx

  3. I've grown so used to my glasses that I feel I look weird and incomplete without them! haha I've always loved them and don't get when people don't like wearing them. (Also I'm pretty sure I have guy frames because all the girl ones were blinged out or too tiny!) Will check out that site though!

  4. Looove your glasses! I'm always nervous to order glasses online cause it takes me so long to pick a new pair in store - my face was only made for a very specific type of frame apparently! Also you picked the best manly pics, yummy Kit :)

  5. You and Kransinski in one post = dampness

  6. As a person who is pretty much blind as a bat without some form of glass near her eyeball, I spent much of my childhood being forced to wear glasses and I guess some of those frankly hideous frames have well and truly scarred me for life. About I year ago I turned to contact lenses and have never looked back since! They really aren't as scary or weird as most people think.

  7. You and those specs are a match made in heaven! <3

  8. I prefer the way I look without my glasses but when my hot doctor wears his glasses... HELLO!!

  9. I've been wearing glasses since i was 6 or something haha, I used to hate them, but now, I actually love them, I rarely even wear my contact lenses anymore! Yours are really lovely, I love that sort of shape !!

  10. I'm a huge fan of glasses too and have been wearing them since I was 7. I really think my face doesn't look like kine without some plastic on it :D

  11. You look gorgeous in those glasses, Bee! They frame the shape of your face well, and I must say, they go so well with your bangs. It added a lot of mysterious vibes into your personality, which balances out how adorable you actually are. By the way, Kit Harrington and you would look so perfect together! Hahaha! In any way, thanks for sharing that, and stay gorgeous! :)

    Audrey Mack @ Find Clarity Vision


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