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just kids: a flashfiction

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just kids
We swam through the sprawl with wild abandon, our impetuous youth drowning out the hallowed cries of the death rattle. 

This is a piece of 140 character fiction that I wrote in 2015. I have shared a post on how to write Twitter fiction if you're interested in writing some yourself. If you liked this piece, why not read some more of my creative writing?

(photo credit: @gabrielssantiago)



  1. I don't have a twitter but i'd love to see more. It was beautiful!

  2. You're such a talented lady, you craft words perfectly <3

  3. Your writing style is truly beautiful! xx

  4. This is a beautiful little piece of writing :)
    I've never heard of twitter fiction - and I'm a creative writing BA student, I feel like I should know this :P *begins research immediately*
    Thankyou for sharing this beautiful piece :) ♥

    Sarah xxo |

  5. I really like this little excerpt. Please share more!


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