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On Giving Yourself A Break

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It has taken me a long time to realise that, in order to function like a normal human being, I need to take proper breaks. Who knew, right?! I'm not talking about well-I'll-work-and-watch-something type breaks either. I'm talking about physically removing myself from what I'm doing and really relishing doing nothing / something less demanding. 

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I've been taking time out here and there to just be and yesterday I took the whole day to just read whatever I wanted and not worry about writing or emails and such. It was perfect. My January-March book reviews will be up at the end of this month, by the way! 

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My mental health hasn't been great lately, and I've found myself having more bad days than good, so I've been stepping up my self care game. Breaks are an important part of self care (you should check out my post on self care if you haven't already!) and yet I always try and make myself feel guilty for taking them, like I'm somehow risking something?! That's all kinds of ridiculous, I know. I'm here today to encourage you to take five minutes out of your week to restore your batteries as it were. 

little arbitrary list of the things i've been doing on my breaks:  
1. read three graphic novels: Saga vol 1 & Outcast & The Wicked + The Divine (keep an eye out for my reviews!)
2. marathoned old episodes of Parks & Recreation 
3. compiled a playlist of chilled out albums 
4. accidentally dialled a mate with my boob...that was fun
5. ate a ton of rice krispies. seriously i'm like 90% krispie right now. 
6. had lunch at a new-to-me café with friends
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Where do you sit when it comes to taking time out? Do you opt for shorter breaks in between work or do you dedicate blocks of time to them? I'm trying to work out the perfect balance! I was recently interviewed by Blogger's Bookshelf so go and check that out if you're interested in my childhood reads and such! 

If you'd like to scroll through all of my adventures then you can do so. 



  1. Love, love, love this post - such an important message!
    We are all only human... it's taken some time for me too to realise this but boy, oh boy, do we all deserve regular rests and breaks and that does not make us weak at all :)
    Gorgeous photos as always :) X

  2. I totally need to make time for some self care at the moment, I think tomorrow I will take a break from the world and just be.

  3. Aw I definitely know what you mean, it's so important to try and get some space for yourself. I make sure I go to yoga every week as that is my calm time and it works really well! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. Your photos are gorgeous! I'm glad you've taken a little break for yourself, self care is super important like you said. I hope your days improve and you have more good than bad. And please don't feel guilty for taking breaks, your health is more important than anything else.

    Emily // UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  5. Loved the post! I find it really hard not to feel guilty whenever I take a break because I start to think that I'm not doing anything productive and that by doing it, there's going to be some negative consequence in the future when in reality, WE DO NEED these breaks to clear any stress or anxiety that might eventually cause a lot worse consequences.. For me it's all about watching my favorite tv shows, maybe go on a walk and read some books! :) xx

  6. I'm crap at organising my time properly (breaks included) and it wasn't until recently (all thanks to this post from Esmé Weijun Wang - that I realised it was actually down to my illness. After this weekend (which is supposed to be dedicated to writing an essay due Monday, that I've yet to start putting any words down for) I'm determined to start figuring out what is best for me, my phsyical pain, and my mental health struggles where breaks are concerned. I'm more than prepared for the fact that, like you, I'll need to take time away fully from what I'm doing (or trying to do), so I'll be looking to get out and about next week, and turn this blummin' massive frown upside down.

    Totally proud of you for looking out for yourself, and having much needed you-time, because it is so so SO important, beautiful Bee!

  7. This is lovely :) Taking breaks is so important and it looks like you've found a gorgeous little hideout for when you do so! I'm the worst for 'work-and-watch-something' breaks!

    You've inspired me to try to take better breaks too :)

  8. The cafe looks so sweet!! I live in Plymouth and have never heard of it, will defiantly have to look for it during one of my breaks!!x

  9. Coffee and books are my favorite things in the entire world.
    Rice Crispies are delightful, i can never get enough of those!
    Thanks for another lovely post! Any time i take a break i just think of Tom Haverford and Donna saying "Treat Yo Self!"

  10. Super duper important. Even squeezing just a few precious moments dedicated to yourself, no matter how jam packed your day to day life seems. I live in a house with my boyfriend and his parents (pros and cons... pros and cons), and living under someone elses set of rules and expectations can tire a gal out! I do try and find those glorious moments of peace, whether its going for a brisk cycle, stuffing ear phones in and losing myself or just heading to bed early, closing the door and falling into my latest book.

    Glad you are taking the time to take care of yourself : )

    Faded Windmills

  11. I love little breaks for a catch up with my current book and a cuppa, but big, afternoon long breaks every now again for a solo trapse in the woods, a catch up with Netflix and a hair mask. No interruptions!

  12. Little breaks are the best. I spent a good 6 hours away from my phone, real life and other mundane things yesterday to just listen to some music, potter around and plant my new plants, ha! I find I'm much more productive after a couple of extended breaks a week. Work hard play hard, or some variation on that!

    PS. Was number 4 me?! I got a call from you but my phone wouldn't let me swipe to answer it hahahaha

  13. Great post with an important message. Lately I have been putting myself under pressure a lot and of course I ended up getting sick, so I am trying just to live right now.

  14. Haha, boob-dial. Stop boob-dialling people, Bee! x

  15. This is such an important message because it's scarily easy to forget. I have such a hard time remembering it's okay to "just be" - I feel like any spare time I have I should be using it to do something (whether that's extra work for my job, housework, blogging, etc.) and it's so difficult for me just to switch off and be happy not being "productive". I've even started feeling guilty for the hour or so I spend walking to work and back every day, telling myself I should use that time to listen to a podcast or something - I don't know where this fixation with time and wasting it has come from, but I really need to stop!

    March is now my month to remember to sit back, reflect and just be (and read and eat Rice Krispies too).


  16. I always feel like I need to be doing something productive, but lately I've allowed myself to not have to be productive at home the whole night after I'm done with work. I use to schedule a "me day" for myself every month where I would just do whatever I wanted to treat myself, maybe some thrift store shopping, get a treat from the bakery, go for a nice walk, and explore some neighborhoods, but I haven't done that for awhile. I need to start that again. It made me feel so much better!

  17. I think I need to learn something from this! I tend to take no breaks until I completely burn out and then can't function for a day or longer. Not good!

    Sophie |

  18. I find breaks like this are the only thing that can sort my brain out at times so i completely understand how important they are. love love x


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