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just kids: a flashfiction

just kids
We swam through the sprawl with wild abandon, our impetuous youth drowning out the hallowed cries of the death rattle. 

This is a piece of 140 character fiction that I wrote in 2015. I have shared a post on how to write Twitter fiction if you're interested in writing some yourself. If …

On Giving Yourself A Break

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It has taken me a long time to realise that, in order to function like a normal human being, I need to take proper breaks. Who knew, right?! I'm not talking about well-I'll-work-and-watch-something type breaks either. I'm talking about physically removing myself from what I'm doing and really relishing doing nothing / something less demanding. 

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I've been taking time out here and there to just be and yesterday I took the whole day to just read whatever I wanted and not worry about writing or emails and such. It was perfect. My January-March book reviews will be up at the end of this month, by the way! 

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