January Playlist

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I have spent my day working away on things for my poetry class that begins next week, namely writing my own response poem and reading lots and lots of contemporary poems to get me clued up on the subject. I've decided to take a five minute break to re-cooperate and have a look at the music on today's played list, because sometimes I am doing so many things at once that I don't really pay full attention to the choices I am making. Christ, that sounds quite dark doesn't it?! I thought I would go ahead and share the songs on my most recently played because it might make a fun little playlist for those of you that are working away on things this evening. 

It's kind of eclectic but kind of nice too, I think. 

1| milk and black spiders by foals 
2| no cities to love by sleater-kinney 
3| stay awhile by she & him 
4| she by dodie clark
5| this must be the place by talking heads
6| go your own way by fleetwood mac 
7| heart of glass by blondie 
8| huddle formation by the go! team
9| sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains) by arcade fire 
10| a walk by tycho 

What songs do you like to listen to whilst you study / work / watch funny cat videos? I may do some more of these in the future, because I tend to switch it up daily  



  1. You chose some of the best artists I know! :) I can't wait to listen to the complete list! :) xx

    Catarina // ohkori.blogspot.com

  2. I absolutely love She by Dodie Clark! I'm also a big fan of Adored by Him, I think she has such a unique voice and always has the most fantastic songs. Overall the songs are a great list and you have a very interesting taste in music!

  3. I'm listening to Birdy's first album a lot while I'm working these days. Her cover of Postal Service's "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" is really something special.

  4. Love this post! Always have to have a bit of fleetwood Mac on!



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