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Book Reviews feat. Emily St. John Mandel

Gone and read some books again, haven't I?! November was an inconsistent reading month for me as I seem to be in the habit of slumping terribly after reading a book that I absolutely adore. And so, my reading finished half way through November. 

If I don't speak to you beforehand, have a Mer…

Book Haul feat. Gillian Flynn

Before I get started, I just wanted to say thank you for everyone who got in touch following yesterday's post where I shared one of my poems entitled Constellations. Your support helps an awful lot! 

November was an incredibly thrifty month for me where book buying was concerned as I only ended …

constellations: a poem

between stars 

i fathomed the fog  




making it even harder
to see 

(photo credit)

'constellations' is a poem that I wrote in 2015 about depression.  If you liked this, why n…

Bee's Mini Book Reviews feat. Edan Lepucki

October was a busier reading month for me, compared to September's efforts at least, and I ended up getting round to a few books that really surprised me! I've actually upped my Goodreads challenge for the year to 52 books, to match last year's efforts, so please pray for me as I try an…

My Reading Taste

I'm gearing myself up for a quiet evening in, complete with Dexter season 2 (gotta get that annual re-watch in) and a big bowl of soup, but I thought I would come on here, a day later than my usual Wednesday and Sunday schedule, and share with you a list, a brain fart if you will, of my reading…

The Butterfly House

1 vivatramp adventures with bee butterfly house uk

My Mum is obsessed with butterflies to the point where it's sort of unnerving. Much to my disdain, Mum had a couple of vouchers for the North Somerset Butterfly House to use up and so, on the last day of the season, an hour before closing, we decided to spend an hour at the 'secret paradise in the heart of the Westcountry'....might use that in my Twitter bio. 

Creative Prompts 4

I don't want to jump the gun, as it were, but I am currently in such a good place creatively. The other morning I wrote and submitted two poems to Severine, an online literary and art journal, on the topic of wanderlust. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one of my submissions ends up in t…