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Habits To Break

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I'm drowning in a sea of deadlines and despair right now.

Was that melodramatic enough for you? As you can tell from the photograph above, I've got two big writing projects to hand in by midweek that are currently taking up the majority of my time but I thought I'd take a five minute breather to share a little list and listen to some Foals with you. I might even push the boat out and make myself some tea and toast before doing so! Wild. All the glamour at Vivatramp Towers.

Regardless of whether or not I'm ready to acknowledge it yet, we are coming up to the new year. As a result, I've been thinking about goals and, in particular, the things that I wish to achieve and the habits that I don't want to carry through into next year with me. Here are a few of  the said habits that I'm hoping to break and things that I'm hoping to tend to in 2015:
one. terrible sleep schedule
two. using my phone too much
three. not answering emails right away
four. not drinking enough
five.  lack of morning routine
six. not bigging myself up enough
seven. lack of concentration
eight. letting fear stop me from achieving {at times}

Do you have any similar bad habits? What habits are you hoping to break? If you've yet to check out my stationery gift guide from the other week, you should go and do so now! 




  1. Two, four, and five also apply to me. Good luck on breaking these habits! I'm attempting to do the same! Thanks for sharing xxx

  2. definitely with you on the phone issue! Something that I am very aware of, but it's so hard to stop! Also need to get more discipline, and actually make an effort to do something once I am back from work rather than just collapsing in the sofa in front of netflix!

    Cecilia (

  3. I think all of these apply to me, great post !

  4. I think that these things must come along with being a student. I bought a water bottle to carry with my to classes and stuff, surprise! I drank my coffee instead. The phone thing might be inevitable when you're stripped of a social life and are trying to make up for it. Don't beat yourself up!

    xoxo, Fallon.

  5. yes!! half of these are on my own resolution list!!! i hope you accomplish all your goals!!! xoxoxoo

  6. I use my phone way too often as well! I always read articles how looking at a screen for too long damages your eyes in so many ways (especially if you wear contacts)! I try so hard, but it never works.

    Elma x || PetalGrrl

  7. Man, I think I can probably put all of these down on my list of bad habits... Especially the emails one, I'm dreadful at replying to them!
    Chambray & Curls

  8. It's quite funny really, because one of my resolutions is to use my phone more! haha

  9. Unfortunately, all of these are habits I need to break! Especially number 1... my sleep cycle is terrible! All things to work on going into the new year!

  10. Number eight is just so true, and one I also need to break, badly!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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