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Books & Stationery Gift Guide

Just when you thought you had seen every gift guide on God's green earth, I chime in with a bounty of bookish and stationery goods that floors them all. As you can tell, I'm feeling modest today!

Gift inspiration is hard sometimes. I'm sure we have all had those moments of despair rushing around the shops desperately trying to work out what to get our twelve cousin fifty times removed before realising that we've completely lost the meaning of Christmas underneath our baskets of 3 for 2 products. Luckily for you guys, the folks at Abrams & Chronicle Books got in touch and asked my fine self whether or not I'd like to share some things with you and I naturally jumped at the chance. Chronicle Books happen to be one of my favourite publishing houses because they happen to be the stationery Gods to my stationery oracle. Can someone please remember to put the 'stationery oracle' bit in my eulogy, please? That would be grand.

Here's hoping that this post sorts out all your bookish / stationery woes! Failing that, buy yourself some notebooks to soak up the tears! I'm full of ideas, me. 

For the list maker:

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travel & literary listography
You cannot go wrong with the listography books - they're the perfect gift for avid list makers and organisation n00bs alike. If you aren't familiar with them, they're basically themed journals packed with prompts for fun and interesting lists that you can then fill in at your leisure. The Travel Listography, for example, has lists such as: Memorable People and Guides That I've Met, Where I'd Time Travel To and Local Weekend Trip Ideas among more conventional prompts. The one thing that strikes me about the Listography books is the quality - the paper is really thick and the accompanying illustrations are the perfect added touch. There are tons of different themes to choose from such as the Future Listography where you can map out your future plans, to the Film Listography where you can chart everything you've seen and hope to see in the future. An easy gift but a thoughtful one! 

for the (reluctant) documenter

vivatramp books stationery gift guide christmas birthday gift ideas lifestyle book blog uk

one line a day
Diaries are always tricky things to buy for people because you never quite know whether, like me, they buy them well in advance. However, the One Line A Day journal offers an interesting take on the traditional diary form and is the perfect present for those loved ones that always say they would love to document their days but always forget! As it suggests, this diary offers you the chance to write one line about your day rather than a whole page which is infinitely more difficult and time consuming to fill out.  It's also a really nice sentimental gift because it allows the recipient to look back over a five year period to see how things have changed. Handy, eh?! I've actually bought one of these myself to give as a gift this year so you can trust me on this one (and the others because I picked them all!). 

vivatramp lifestyle books stationery lifestyle blog uk

This is in a similar vein to the aforementioned One Line A Day journal but this journal's purpose is to share the things in life that make you happy on a daily basis. Store notes on the great food that you ate or the happy making you've been doing and then look back on it when the five years are up! A great gift that I have also bought for loved ones this year. They better not be reading this... 

FOR THE film buff 

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you're awesome journal
The only gift you need to buy Bill Murray fans this year. Basically. Bill Murray's illustrated face adorns each page of this notebook reminding you that you're doing great. This would make a great gift for film buffs that need a little Hollywood inspired pep from time to time. 


vivatramp the who the what and the when stationery book gift guide 2014 uk lifestyle book blogger

the who the what and the when 
Got a friend or loved one interested in facts and behind the scenes info? This book may be a good choice! The Who, The What and The When looks at all of the 'sidekicks' behind great artists and thinkers, etc, and gives you an inside look at the people who helped to create or assist the things and people that we love today. With its beautiful illustrations and hardback cover, it makes an ideal gift. 

FOR THE dreamer

vivatramp strange dreams journal lifestyle book blog uk 2014

strange dreams journal 
We all know someone that has incredibly weird dreams that they share over their morning caffeine fix. Why not save yourself from the weirder ones by buying them a place to house them instead?! Not only does this journal have some really cute illustrations, it also gives the dreamer lots of space to discuss what the hell happened. It prompts you to rate your dream's strangeness before asking for its theme, the characters involved, locations travelled to, how you felt and what you remember thinking about before you slept. 

FOR THE scribbler 

vivatramp gift guide 2014

garden studies notebook collection 
This pack of notebooks features some really pretty floral watercolour designs that I can imagine would go down well with a lot of people. If you wanted to be extra thrifty, or make little stockings for people, you could split this collection up and give them out to a few friends. 

vivatramp lifestyle book blog uk stationery gift ideas book gift guide

Everyone and their dog loves Rifle Paper Co, especially when their goodies arrive as presents, so this gift is a no brainer. There's also no such thing as having too many notebooks so don't worry about buying them for a recipient who has a whole shelf dedicated to them...*rolls eyes and whistles* 

FOR THE blogger 

vivatramp lifestyle book blog books stationery gift guide gift ideas uk

                                                                     unplug every day 
This is the perfect journal for bloggers like myself!This journal offers up 365 ways to unplug and take a break from the online world, such as 'Do Yoga' and 'Host A Clothing Swap'. I absolutely love this book. Get it for your friends that either need to take a hint or that would like a challenge. It'd also make a nice journal to work through with friends too. 

FOR THE experimental creative 

vivatramp 2014 gift guide

the thing the book 
This book would make a good gift for arty farty loved ones that wouldn't mind pondering the question: 'What Is A Book?'. This book combines the minds of lots of different creatives to bring you an exhibition space dedicated to art and photography and essays and the like. The book comes from the visual artists behind The Thing Quarterly - the periodical that comes in the form of an everyday object, and it is really quite something. It won't be for everyone, so do your research, but if you're running out of ideas for the creatives in your life this might be a good idea. 

FOR THE letter writer 

vivatramp lifestyle book blog uk stationery christmas gift guide 2014

fan-fucking-tastic notecards 
I probably wouldn't send these to my Grandma but I can imagine that my friends would find this set of 12 notecards and envelopes absolutely hilarious to send and receive. With cards such as 'You're The Sh*t', 'F*ck Yeah, It's Your Birthday', 'Fan-f*cking-tastic' and 'You Made My F*cking Day' you're basically covered for all occasions. If you've got a friend who likes novelty gifts that are also pretty practical, these are your best bet! 

vivatramp gift guide books stationery lifestyle book blog

botanicals stationery collection by riflepaperco.  
If you're looking for a letter set that is a little less offensive that the one above, look no further than this one! Comprised of 16 writing sheets and envelopes, along with a set of labels, this set is beautifully presented and would make a great gift for people that like to take the time to write beautiful letters. Rifle Paper Co do not set a design foot wrong. I'm pretty sure my Boho Grandma would love to receive this come Christmas Day.

vivatramp doughnotes lifestyle book blogger uk christmas gift guide 2014
If you're looking for something a little less formal, feast your eyes on these Doughnotes. A set of 12 cards, envelopes and address labels that are bound to make someone's Christmas that little bit sweeter! Yep, I just nicked that off the box. They would make a great gift to yourself if, like me, you like to send your friends little notes to pep them up and let them know that you're thinking of them.  Alternatively, they could be stuck to a wall to create a doughy shrine...

If you'd like to scroll through all of my book blog posts then you can. Or, alternatively, you could just flick through my book hauls instead.


*I was sent these items for consideration but I picked them all myself and genuinely think they would make incredible presents! Just look at them... 


  1. You picked a really lovely selection of books, definitely keen to get hold of the one line day diaries and dream book now!


    1. Couldn't agree more, what a fab selection.
      Your photography always looks beautiful, what camera do you use?

      Beth x

  2. I've asked for a One Line A Day book for Christmas as I love the concept. You've chosen some really great gifts :) xx

    Ioanna |

  3. I've always wanted some Rifle Paper Co. notebooks; the designs are always so beautiful and intricate. They're almost too pretty to write in!


  4. I love all of these books, what wonderful ideas! I like the Living Well One Line a Day book; that must be nice to reflect back on when it is complete. That strange dreams one would be very fitting for me, as my dreams are so far from ordinary, lol.

  5. I bought the rifle paper notebooks for myself and I already finished using them all up! They were too cute to pass up! :)

    Every Day In Grace

  6. These are so cute! Glad i'm not the only one who loves notebooks :D

    Aliya x

  7. I NEED to find the Bill Murray journal for my other half, that's fantastic!

  8. Man, these are awesome! Lots added to my wish list :)


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