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2014: A Vivatramp Blog Post Recap

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Happy Monday, everyone! I'm snuggled up on my armchair feeling particularly cosy so I thought I'd get a bit nostalgic and look through some of my favourite Vivatramp blog posts from 2014. It has been quite a busy year over here on Vivatramp and I feel like it has been a year of change that has seen me moving this space in the right direction. I began to properly focus on my passions this year introducing a lot more creative content and this is something I really want to expand on going into next year. I want to share some more musings on my creative writing and reading and I really want to share more adventures no matter how big or small. 

Thank you for being so engaging and so supportive towards me and my blog posts in 2014. All of your messages and comments and such have really helped me to turn everything around post-recovery. I owe you all. Let me know whether your favourite post from this year has been featured below! Furthermore, let me know what things you' d like to see on Vivatramp in 2015. I'm open to ideas!


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2014 TBR 

Despite Vivatramp being four years old, I really feel like 2014 was the most important year for this little space. I finally feel like I'm creating a space that is different and creative and accepting and I can't wait to sit down and work out how I can further expand upon these ideas. What posts did you love this year? What would you like to see more of on Vivatramp in 2015? More adventures? More creative updates? You tell me! I hope you're having an awesome December so far and have lots of fun plans!  



  1. Definitely more creative updates. I'm currently working through my own Wreck This Journal so have loved following your progress with that too!

    Rebecca – Halfway Home

  2. I'm really glad to have found your blog this year, you've became one of my favourite bloggers!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. So glad I found your blog this year!

  4. Love this round-up. Arcade Fire were my soundtrack to the year and I'm so happy to have belatedly discovered your post! x

  5. Aw I love your blog and always look forward to your blog posts... Arcade Fire post was a winner for me! I'd always brushed passed them before, but after reading everything you said about each song I am hooked!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)


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