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Book Reviews feat. T. S. Eliot

Did you all have a good festive period? Mine consisted of two Christmas dinners, winning 5 consecutive quizzes (much to my family's annoyance) and a horrendously embarrassing family game of Cards Against Humanity in which Luke's Gramps played cards about sad handjobs, anal sex and necrophil…

Habits To Break

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I'm drowning in a sea of deadlines and despair right now.
Was that melodramatic enough for you? As you can tell from the photograph above, I've got two big writing projects to hand in by midweek that are currently taking up the majority of my time but I thought…

Books & Stationery Gift Guide

Just when you thought you had seen every gift guide on God's green earth, I chime in with a bounty of bookish and stationery goods that floors them all. As you can tell, I'm feeling modest today!

Gift inspiration is hard sometimes. I'm sure we have all had those moments of despair rushing around the shops desperately trying to work out what to get our twelve cousin fifty times removed before realising that we've completely lost the meaning of Christmas underneath our baskets of 3 for 2 products. Luckily for you guys, the folks at Abrams & Chronicle Books got in touch and asked my fine self whether or not I'd like to share some things with you and I naturally jumped at the chance. Chronicle Books happen to be one of my favourite publishing houses because they happen to be the stationery Gods to my stationery oracle. Can someone please remember to put the 'stationery oracle' bit in my eulogy, please? That would be grand.

Here's hoping that this post sorts out all your bookish / stationery woes! Failing that, buy yourself some notebooks to soak up the tears! I'm full of ideas, me. 

For the list maker:

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travel & literary listography
You cannot go wrong with the listography books - they're the perfect gift for avid list makers and organisation n00bs alike. If you aren't familiar with them, they're basically themed journals packed with prompts for fun and interesting lists that you can then fill in at your leisure. The Travel Listography, for example, has lists such as: Memorable People and Guides That I've Met, Where I'd Time Travel To and Local Weekend Trip Ideas among more conventional prompts. The one thing that strikes me about the Listography books is the quality - the paper is really thick and the accompanying illustrations are the perfect added touch. There are tons of different themes to choose from such as the Future Listography where you can map out your future plans, to the Film Listography where you can chart everything you've seen and hope to see in the future. An easy gift but a thoughtful one! 

2014: A Vivatramp Blog Post Recap

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm snuggled up on my armchair feeling particularly cosy so I thought I'd get a bit nostalgic and look through some of my favourite Vivatramp blog posts from 2014. It has been quite a busy year over here on Vivatramp and I feel like it has been a year of change that …
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