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Tips For Buying Books In Charity Shops

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The majority of the books that I own come from charity shops because they make book buying affordable and accessible to me and there are around 10 shops to choose from in my hometown. I also really like that I can support local charities in a pressure-free environment, donating a few pounds as and when I can.

People often ask me how I find so many books at such good prices and, honestly, I'm pretty sure it's just a case of being in the right place at the right time. However, I've strung together a few tips on buying books in charity shops to help you along: 

I find that more affluent areas have poor selections.

plan your route 
Note which shops are best for particular genres - do any do specific deals

visit regularly
Charity shops rotate their stock and get regular deliveries so visit on a regular basis 

COMMUNICATE - get to know the staff as they may be able to keep a look out for certain titles
do your research - know what titles you want and are looking out for and consider keeping a list
read lots of reviews - know what titles are worth picking up before you go
don't lose your head over the price - is it in good enough nick? Is it a decent edition? do you really want to read it?
take advantage of post-holiday unwanted gifts - new year is a great time to buy new books in charity shops!
donate books yourself give a little bit back to the shops. re-donate the books you probably won't re-read.
be patient - be prepared to sift and visit other places!
Do you buy books in charity shops? If so, what are your top tips? Also, what's your favourite charity shop book purchase? 
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  1. I do try to take a regular bag of things to my charity shops and when I do I can never resist a little look at the books.

  2. I love rummaging through charity shops and second hand book shops and I have a little list on my phone of books I'm currently looking for although they I usually end up walking away with a bunch of books not on my list
    : ]

  3. Great tips! I miss charity shops so much xx

  4. I've always been so good with finding treasures in charity shops, some of my favourite books cost about 50p! There's one end of my town that absolutely saturated with charity shops and they're always full of decent things, plus it's for a good cause so how could you resist?

  5. Charity shops are such great places to find books, and I always feel a little less bad about my ridiculous book buying habit if I'm giving money to charity in the process! I volunteer in a charity bookshop each weekend and find it very difficult not to come home with a bag of new books after every shift - I think I might have to stop bringing my purse with me, haha :)
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend :) xx

  6. I quite often go imto charity shops to look for books and dvds as its cheaper plus its a way to giving to charity and can get more for your money! :) xx

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