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A Week In Zante, Greece

After enduring The World's Worst Summer last year, Luke and I decided to do something awesome this year to counterbalance it. Luke, however, managed to outdo himself and for our fourth anniversary back in February he surprised me with tickets for a holiday to Zante. What a gem. We had a lovely week relaxing by the pool, reading a multitude of books and eating good food. I took a few photographs along the way so, instead of writing a coherent post, I thought I'd sort of dump them here for your own perusal. The format is reminiscent of 'week in photos' posts circa 2010. Non?! in case you're wondering, we stayed at the Roseland Hotel in Kalamaki. I'd recommend it to those of you that just want a chilled low-key break. Make sure you're sitting comfortably because there's quite a few snaps....

adventure with bee vivatramp lifestyle blog greece uk

// i love that british passports have unicorns on

vivatramp uk lifestyle book blog

// up in the air

vivatramp lifestyle blog uk adventures with bee

// wearing flowers in my hair and my new babin' lipstick {kate moss rimmel}

adventures with bee vivatramp uk lifestyle book bloglifestyle vivatramp book blog adventures with bee uk

// seriously good seabass and red snapper for dinner one evening

vivatramp lifestyle book blog uk adventures with bee

// pretty poolside view 

lifestyle blog vivatramp uk

// being mega babes, as ever

cocktails vivatramp lifestyle blogs uk book blog adventures with bee

// cocktails at our favourite bar - shirley temples & virgin mojitos, for me :: brightly coloured rum concoctions, for him

adventures with bee vivatramp holiday zante

// luke's album cover...

vivatramp adventures with bee lifestyle blog uk

// our pretty little hotel 

vivatramp uk lifestyle blog books adventures with beeadventures with bee vivatramp lifestyle book blog

// creating my own meme - do you love it?

uk lifestyle blog adventures with bee zante

// sea bream with greek potatoes aka heaven

zante adventures with bee lifestyle book blog vivatramp uk

// luke on the beach :: t-shirt, Primark. shorts, Asos.

adventures with bee vivatramp lifestyle blog uk

// swimming pool fun 

adventures with bee vivatramp lifestyle book blog uk food

// prawns with butter, lemon and parsley. i may have had these on three occasions...

vivatramp blog lifestyle book

// outfit of the evening: all clothes,  primark, necklace, accessorize. hair thing, claires.

adventures with bee lifestyle book blog uk vivatramp beach

// beach feet

lifestyle book blog vivatramp uk adventures with bee

// sandy coloured stray cat that i so wanted to bring home

vivatramp greece lifestyle book blog adventures with bee

// taverna decor - the owner is a carpenter and he made everything himself!

adventures with bee vivatramp blog book lifestyle uk

// these flowers were everywhere 

vivatramp pizza food adventures with bee lifestyle

// pizza

vivatramp book lifestyle blog uk adventures with bee

// poolside mullet glamour, bby. dat forehead doe...

vivatramp lifestyle book blog zante adventures with bee

// tanned tootsies :: sandals, primark. skirt, primark.

fanta vivatramp blog lifestyle book ukfanta lemon drink vivatramp lifestyle book blog

// a holiday isn't a holiday without lemon & exotic fanta

blog lifestyle book vivatramp uk adventures with bee

// sunkissed dinners

greek food stifado vivatramp lifestyle
// beef stifado

vivatramp lifestyle bloglifestyle blogs

// cloudy beach scenes - we had one stormy morning


// beautiful little bar 

books vivatramp

// summer reads - reviews at the end of the month

Phew! I'm now super sad that I'm no longer in Greece. Boo. I also took two disposable cameras worth of photographs so I may update you and share those once I get them back! Drag the holiday out a little longer! Are you going anywhere this Summer? Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world right now, whether it's near home or on the other side of the world? 

If you'd like to scroll through all of my adventures then you can do so. 



  1. Looks like you had an amazing time :) Ash and I are off to Zante in September - 99 days today :D x

  2. I really want to go to Greece properly, I've only ever been for the day before! I'm planning on reading On The Road over the summer so I'm looking forward to your review :) looks like you had a great time xx

  3. Sounds like you had such a fun time! All the food just looks so so so scrummy x

  4. Aww I love Greece. These photos make me want to go back. I love little greek tavernas too! Especially when they've got the Greek music playing too... just to get into the spirit even more! X

  5. These are such lovely pictures, Im hoping to go to Greece this summer!

  6. ooooh look at all that yummy food! I'm not going anywhere exotic this year because I'm saving for a big trip to the US next year but I'm heading to London in September for 3 days to see a play and stroll around the parks as I normally rush in and out for events. Will be nice to be leisurely in London xx

  7. Looks like you had an amazing time. I've been to Greece once and loved it!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  8. Beautiful photos, I've always wanted to visit Greece! The food looks INCREDIBLE! Looks like you had a lovely holiday :) xxx

  9. The food looks gorgeous, Greece is so pretty I'm pleased you enjoyed it! I'm off to Tenerife soon, the first time going abroad with my boyfriend and I can't wait! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  10. Unicorns are actually Scotland's official national animal, I think that's why they're on the passport!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  11. I completely forgot you went to Zante because I am a douche with a dreadful memory, otherwise I (obvs) would have hounded you with holibobs questions (maybe be thankful for the dreadful mem!)) These are some seriously good snaps my friend (and food. ALL the food) - I've been to Zante and had a really rather dreadful time (not Zante's fault, but the company I chose to keep) and I'd kind of written it off, but you've most certainly made me put it back on the 'list', so, thank you! I'm happy you had such a wonderful time because you definitely deserved it.

    Also, no holibobs plans for me :( which I'm tres sad about. Possibly an Eric the Motorhome trip in September, but nothing set in stone as of yet. I'm gasping for some sun!!

  12. I love Greece, it's possible my favourite country because if it's history and culture! I went when i was younger and i plan on going again soon! I'm stuck with going to Ireland though this year, which I'm not that bothered about since i go every year and I know almost everyone there!

    P.s. I love your blog!

    Jenny xx

  13. It looks like you had a lovely holiday! I've been to Greece once - Athens - on a school trip back in year 6 so I don't think that really counts. I'd love to revisit in the future. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Bits & Bobs

  14. I looks like you've had an amazing holiday - you better be sharing book reviews with us soon!
    Hopefully hear from you soon for a little catch up Bee :)

    Eilidh xo (Yeah, I moved!)

  15. Lovely pics it looks like you had a really good time. I'm interested to know what you took the photos with though?


  16. I´m so happy you had such an awesome time, it makes me smile! :)

  17. Ahhh, Zante looks SO beautiful! It looks like you had an incredible time. I could definitely do with a little week out to sleep, eat good food, soak up the sunshine, and read! I'm going to Florida in October but it still feels so long away that I don't think I've really accepted that it's happening yet!


  18. Ahh it looks like you had the best time and I'm so super pleased! xxx

  19. Ahh wow this looks like a super time! I've never been to Greece but I'd love to go. I also think I need to pop along to Primark because you have some seriously nice clothes. Love the sandals especially! x

  20. I'm always a big fan of a mega photo dump :) Looks like you and Alex had an amazing time in Greece, very jealous! Very much approve of your selection of books there too - can't wait to read what you thought of them!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  21. This looks like the most perfect holiday, such a lovely little place and the food looks amazing! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  22. i've only just seen this. Bee, you glamour puss! Looks so beautifulllllll. I just wrote up an ibiza post too. :D i love holidays

  23. I am literally so behind on my bloglovin feed it's unbelievable haha! It looks like you had such a great holiday - those prawns and all of the seafood look so amazing. And I want that cat haha! Ooh and I never actually noticed the unicorn on passports before! :)
    Have a lovely weekend!
    xo April

  24. Looks like you had a lovely time!
    Me and my boyfriend visited Zante last year and we stayed in Kalamaki too! We spotted the Roseland on the way to our hotel and it looked lovely! I think we visited the same beaches as you, which is where me and my boyfriend spent most of our days! You've made me want to go back.. I miss it! </3
    Amanda xo

  25. I'm glad you got to get away and enjoy a relaxing holiday! :) It looks absolutely beautiful. We just went to to Greece actually, near Kalamata and it was just lovely. So nice to have some time in the sunshine isn't it? Sorry I've been absent for so long! I'm in the process of creating my new blog so should be back properly soon... :) xx

  26. It looks ace and your pictures are fab. Never been to Greece! Love your whole blog layout/vibe too


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