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  1. Helllooooo beautiful Bee! What a lovely little list. Just wanted to say that I thought your Blackout Poetry post was really cool and I tried to do it yesterday but gave up after my first attempt because it was HARD! I used to kind of do a similar thing when I was younger by putting together a bunch of song titles to make some sort of melodramatic/philosophical-to-a-14-year-old sentence. Good luck with your dissertation work xxxxxx

  2. I love reading posts like this, it's such a lovely idea! Harry Potter makes me happy too, I always reach for my DVDs when I'm feeling down!
    Have you heard of the Happier app? It encourages you to write down the things that make you smile every day, handy place to keep them all!

    Holly |

  3. i tell you what makes me happy. YOU.

  4. I love these posts of your's; lists are awesome! ;) What's making me happy this recently: making lemon cupcakes, starting orange is the new black and being productive on the blog! xxx

  5. 1. Reading
    2. Spending time with friends
    3. IT and Computers
    4. Photography
    5. Writing (creatively and on the blog)
    6. Travelling (Even though i haven't done much yet haha!)

    They're 6 things that make me happy :)


  6. I recently had a little watch of the HP movies, although I have realised I much prefer them as a comfort source in the colder months - perhaps it's just the atmosphere, who knows.

    Also, I have those same summer sandals as you, except in tan, and I literally cannot telling people how comfortable they are! Are they not the comfiest thing ever? I actually want to go back and get another pair for when I batter mine, which is inevitable really.

    Reading with my little one and walking along the riverside path in the sunshine are two things making me happy of late.

    Bits & Bobs

    1. *cannot stop telling people

  7. Your list is great! I've been rewatching the Harry Potter films recently too - there's definitely something comforting about them isn't there? It's made me want to reread the books again now too. The lovely sunny weather we've been having here has made me happy this week :)


  8. These posts really inspire me. I really love your list! It´s so nice to remember that sometimes all we need to be happy is cupcake frosting. It´s as simple as that! It´s funny how we tend to forget that.

    Today made me happy:

    • Listening to positive music (Pumpin blood by NONONO is THE BEST)
    • Enjoying a great green tea
    • Laughing at an innocent joke
    • Feeling grateful for having your H is for Happy blog posts to read whenever I want!

    Have an awesome day Bee! <3

  9. Dear, your blog is amazing! i’m impressed by your design & photos!
    and you outfits deserve separate attention!
    everything is magnificent!

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  10. I Love your shoes! They are so pretty! I love this post, it's so true how the small, simple things can make you the happiest. I'm thankfully and happy for the beautiful sunshine at the moment, I love how it just lifts everyones spirits and people seem to smile at each other more in the street. My favourite thing is how it never really goes dark where I live at this time of year, so it's amazing sitting outside reading till like 10 o'clock at night, so beautiful when its warm out! X

  11. What a great list - I'm not surprised these things make you happy. I think they'd make me pretty happy too!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  12. I needed this reminder, its been a shitter of a few weeks. But despite that, the feel of sunshine on my skin whilst I sit with a cup of tea on the doorstep, cuddles with the cats and feeling creativity itching in my fingers have all been making me happy despite the rest

    Chambray & Curls /


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