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Wreck This Journal 3

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Oh hai, fellow humans! I've been a creative little bean again and I'm here to show you the fruits of my creative loins. Loins is a bit of a horrible word, isn't it really?! I'm certainly no artist but I am a creative human with vision, tangible ideas and free reign of a watercolour set. I know, that's far too much responsibility for someone like me. Grab yourself a notepad, a pen and get ready to wre-. No. Nope. I can't pull that off. That's totally uncool.

vivatramp lifestyle blog uk creativity journal wreck this journalwreck this journal lifestyle blog uk vivatramp

+ test page 

This is my messy test page for all of the pens, pencils, paints and such that I use whilst wrecking my journal! My inspiration for this page came from coach seats, bowling alley carpets, sugar paper, cartoons and childhood paintings. As you can clearly see, right?! Right?! I've totally got this art thing down, I know! This page is, quite clearly, unfinished but it'll get there slowly but surely. 

photo 2photo 1

+ lose this page 
I absolutely hate losing things.  It stresses me out beyond belief, which is really unfortunate because I seem to misplace my phone about ten times a week...However, on this occasion, I was totally okay with losing something because it bloody asked me to lose it, the fool! I ripped the page out and threw it on the floor before vacating the room. I have no idea where it went but I've accepted it and moved on. Hurrah for me. This journal is like therapy, completely free and readily available therapy.

photo 3wreck this journal blog
first photo, wet paint. second photo, dry paint. 
+ float this page
I decided to go with watercolours for this page in blues, greens, pinks and purples. It's not very inspired, no, but I just went with it and I'm very happy with the outcome. I've always lived by the sea, and I've got quite an affinity for it, so this page was sort of a no-brainer design wise. It was a fun page to create. I'm going to hold on to this page for a while but I'll eventually get round to floating it, before taping it back in when it's all dry and crinkly. Crinkly paper is so satisfying...

lifestyle blog uk vivatramp wreck this journal creativitywreck this journal blog lifestyle book vivatramp creativitywreck this journal blog lifestyle book uk vivatramp
                                                                      FIRST & second PHOTO, WET PAINT. third PHOTO, DRY PAINT.
+ colour outside the lines
I don't like rules so I coloured inside, as well as outside, the lines. Anarchy is alive and well, people. I need to work on the mess that is my unfinished moon and re-do the shading before I'm happy with it but that'll be easy enough to do. I'm thinking of stretching this piece out across the two pages but that's subject to change as I may be cutting that page out. Oh, decisions. Big life decisions.

wreck this journal vivatramp lifestyle blog uklifestyle blog vivatramp uk wreck this journal creativity

+ sticky things on this page
God, I'm so edgy. I thought I'd cover the whole page in stickers because they are, wait for it, sticky. Woah, woah, woah, sweet child o' mine! Don't stop me now! I also tried to go for a sort of marshmallow-y sticky background to go with it but I don't think that's very obvious...sigh...I only had cat and fast food stickers to hand, hello personal brand, but I'm going to buy some different ones and fill the entire two pages. 

What do you think of this month's efforts? Are you inspired to pick up a Wreck This Journal yet? I'd love to know what you would've done with the pages. I'm off to cut out some paper fish scales for a project and do some writing. Fun! ♥ 

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*This post contains affiliate links. Basically, if you buy a Wreck This Journal through the links I've so lovingly provided, I will get a teeny tiny commission to put towards books in the far off future. Neat, eh?!



  1. Love this - so creative!

    Katie x

  2. I've always wanted to try one of these journals! But one of the weird things that's held me off is thinking--what if I do a page and absolutely hate it? I guess that's creative freedom for ya. Haha but love these posts of yours :)
    Lovely Notions

    1. I have the same problem! I think about trying one, but get caught up in how unartistic I am and decide against it!

  3. I still need to get myself one of these - it looks like such fun! I love your moon and the 'float this page' :)

    Jess xo

  4. I LOVE the sky in your moon painting, the colours are so perfect Bee. I'm still really enjoying following along with you on this, so fun seeing what you do!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! Great book too. My favourite page was the one telling you to drop it from a great height. Good fun. :)

  6. I adore your colour outside the lines page. The moon and night sky are just my favourite x

  7. I love this, really like these journals but I don't think I'm creative enough for them!

  8. Your journal is amazing. I have the original one which looks so much less fun, the float this page isn't in it for example :(
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  9. Your journal looks really good - and lots of fun too! Its inspired me to blog about my own experience with this book - you can see it here if your interested...

  10. The water page and moon page are absolutely beautiful! I need to learn how to paint...

    Nicola //

  11. Losing things has the same effect on me, it's a nightmare, so I'm definitely considering investing in some of this free therapy now!

    The colours you used on 'Float This Page' are lovely too. I'm looking forward to seeing the page in all of its crinkly glory!

  12. Aah this looks like so much fun, I looove your moon page and the stickers one! I was obsessed with stickers when I was younger and have so many sticker books from back then with pages and pages jam packed with stickers x

  13. These are definitely my favourite posts of yours lately..! x

  14. I have one, but it is currently packed away in our things ready for the move, yours is very colourful!

  15. I love your WTJ posts, can't wait for more.

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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