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The Cider Farm, Gravy Pools and an Eternal Bloat

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For over ten years now, my Sundays have been dedicated to venturing around Somerset with my Dad. Yesterday was no exception! We wanted to go for lunch somewhere we hadn't eaten before so we headed out to the local cider farm for a change of scenery and a huge plate of carvery. Carverys are biblical, I swear. It was a bloody splendid decision because, within minutes of arriving, we ended up tucking into huge plates swimming in gravy. If it's not drowned in gravy, I don't wanna know! 

How To Prepare A Creative Writing Project

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please excuse the cat feets. he doesn't like to be moved so i have to work around him...

Oh hai fellow humans, super-intelligent animals and unidentified life forms. As you may know, I'm currently on another year out from uni due to my health but I'm planning on resuming my studies come September. I swear I'll graduate at some stage of my life...As a student of Creative Writing, I have to submit a creative dissertation at the end of my third year which is super exciting but also quite the creative burden.  I thought I'd start a diary, of sorts, to document my progress, my aims and the many hurdles that I stumble over along the way. These posts will be the hub of my creative anxiety, basically! However, I'm hoping it'll also prove to be useful to those of you who want to work on your own creative projects but don't know where to start. You can even work alongside me! I'm definitely not an expert but I am vaguely enthusiastic...What more could you ask of me?! If you've got your own hints and tips for fellow creatives, please leave them in the comments section below. 

On My Shelf 1

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Who fancies a little game?! I asked you guys on Twitter to give me a number between 1-184. I didn't, however, tell you what the number was for. Basically, each number corresponds with a book on my bookshelf. You pick the number and I then tell you a bit about that particular book, the story behind its purchase and, if I've read it, what I thought about it. I've seen this floating around the internet, the original was created by Iain Broome, and thought it was a good way for me to share my books with you and explore the memories and meaning behind them all. Let me know if you'd like to see more On My Shelf posts in the future!

Wreck This Journal 3

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Oh hai, fellow humans! I've been a creative little bean again and I'm here to show you the fruits of my creative loins. Loins is a bit of a horrible word, isn't it really?! I'm certainly no artist but I am a creative human with vision, tangible ideas and free reign of a watercolour set. I know, that's far too much responsibility for someone like me. Grab yourself a notepad, a pen and get ready to wre-. No. Nope. I can't pull that off. That's totally uncool.

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