Sunday, 27 April 2014


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- magnets c/o sticky9

April has been the month of displaying my snaps it would seem! For some strange reason, I've always wanted a fridge covered in pictures. I know, my hopes and dreams are mega. I'm rather impressed that I'm managing to sort of cross off that goal at the tender age of 21 and 8 months old. Go me! 

I'm seriously impressed with these Sticky9 magnets! The website was really easy to navigate and they sent me frequent emails to update me on my order. which was pretty handy. I would suggest that you be careful when ordering darker photographs though because they do print a little bit darker than the original snap. I'm definitely impressed by the overall quality, though. 

A word of warningDon't be an idiot like me and accidentally pull the edge of the photo thinking that's how you get them off the magnetic backing! Oh, if I only had a brain. I doubt anyone else could make that mistake though so I wouldn't worry too much!

I now want to cover the whole fridge in picture magnets.  I think these magnets would make really nice personalised gifts for family members and close friends that are particularly difficult to buy for, and I'd definitely use Sticky9 again. You can also create phone and table cases through them too, so there's something for everyone. What do you think? Are you all for personalising your fridge? Full of interesting conversation, me. I'm off to do a spot of reading

P.S here's A CODE FOR 15% OFF YOUR first ORDER: friendvc3z


I WAS sent these magnets for my consideration. all opinions are my own. cross my heart.


  1. They're lovely! x

  2. I've got some of these on my fridge too, such a nice way to add personality to a rented property or brighten up your day. I always smile when I see Sookie on my fridge xx


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