Thursday, 24 April 2014


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Hello fine looking people. A little while ago, I was sent some Printic snaps to review so I thought I'd get round to doing so. Aren't I a kind soul?! 

Boy, can I take a billion photographs a day but I'm absolutely terrible when it comes to printing them! In my opinion, it's just too much hassle to even comprehend. I don't want to have to wander up town to attempt sorting them out and I sure as hell am not going to fuss around with photo paper for hours on end! Thankfully, I have seen the Printic-shaped light. This handy little app does all of the hard work for you. Win! All you have to do is download the Printic app, select the photographs you want to print, enter your deets and you're sorted! 

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Not only is the app ridiculously easy to use, the prints also arrive pretty damn quickly and they're all really good quality. One of my favourite things about this app, along with how easy it is to use, is that they're constantly throwing offers my way whether it's for free extra prints on my order, which I've already taken advantage of, or for a percentage off my next order. They're willing me on, forcing me to print out all of the photographs from my camera roll / instagram / facebook and not leave them in the slippery hands of technology. They really are good eggs.

I know I should probably get out more but I actually found it quite fun waiting for them to arrive too! Not only do they do prints, they also offer to create calendars and photo books from your memories too so you can now be extra fancy. You can order them separately for as little as 29p a print or get a box of 50 prints for £15. Not bad, eh?!

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I will definitely be buying some more prints in the future and I'll definitely be looking to get some as gifts for other people too!

Printic is definitely an app you should go and download from your store now! What do you think? Are polaroid-style instaphotos blasphemous or a bit of harmless fun? I'm off to do some sorting out  


i was sent 9 prints for review purposes. however, all the raving is my own. you cannot buy my love, ppl.


  1. I love getting my Instagram Prints developed & always wonder what to do with them. A photo book is a great idea. They'd make lovely gifts

  2. love the idea! I need to try it myself!

  3. I did this for my best friend's birthday last year and couldn't resist printing myself some too! such a good idea, and may have to try this company out next time.xx

  4. This is a really lovely idea. Would be great for holiday snaps. With photos being shared online we rarely print pictures anymore and there's something really special about looking through an album :)


  5. These look great! I've lost photos before due to a broken computer and not backing up so I will be using Printic at some point for sure!

  6. Wow. What a brilliant app, I had no idea that anything like this even existed. :) x

  7. It's so cute how they're printed on polaroid type shapes!

  8. I think I'm going to start adding my Instagram prints to a scrapbook too, they're getting a bit much in my room! Yours look so lovely Bee (:

  9. I've got some prints from Printic too and I loooove them :) actually, it's high time I got some more xxx

  10. I've been meaning to get my Instagrams printed for quite a while now but I never seem to get round to do it. This looks like easy and quick enough though so I'm gonna have a look at the Printic app asap :) x

  11. I should really try this! xx


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