Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Book Reviews feat. Joe Dunthorne

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Oh hai, fellow creatures! I've been indulging in fictional worlds, again. I know, what am I like?! I didn't read as much as I would've liked to in April, but I read some interesting things nonetheless! As ever, feel free to let me know what you thought of these books in the comments below and I'll have a gander! It'd be pretty cool if you recommended me some more fictional worlds to hide in too! 


Sunday, 27 April 2014


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- magnets c/o sticky9

April has been the month of displaying my snaps it would seem! For some strange reason, I've always wanted a fridge covered in pictures. I know, my hopes and dreams are mega. I'm rather impressed that I'm managing to sort of cross off that goal at the tender age of 21 and 8 months old. Go me! 

I'm seriously impressed with these Sticky9 magnets! The website was really easy to navigate and they sent me frequent emails to update me on my order. which was pretty handy. I would suggest that you be careful when ordering darker photographs though because they do print a little bit darker than the original snap. I'm definitely impressed by the overall quality, though. 

A word of warningDon't be an idiot like me and accidentally pull the edge of the photo thinking that's how you get them off the magnetic backing! Oh, if I only had a brain. I doubt anyone else could make that mistake though so I wouldn't worry too much!

I now want to cover the whole fridge in picture magnets.  I think these magnets would make really nice personalised gifts for family members and close friends that are particularly difficult to buy for, and I'd definitely use Sticky9 again. You can also create phone and table cases through them too, so there's something for everyone. What do you think? Are you all for personalising your fridge? Full of interesting conversation, me. I'm off to do a spot of reading

P.S here's A CODE FOR 15% OFF YOUR first ORDER: friendvc3z


I WAS sent these magnets for my consideration. all opinions are my own. cross my heart.

Thursday, 24 April 2014


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- c/o printic

Hello fine looking people. A little while ago, I was sent some Printic snaps to review so I thought I'd get round to doing so. Aren't I a kind soul?! 

Boy, can I take a billion photographs a day but I'm absolutely terrible when it comes to printing them! In my opinion, it's just too much hassle to even comprehend. I don't want to have to wander up town to attempt sorting them out and I sure as hell am not going to fuss around with photo paper for hours on end! Thankfully, I have seen the Printic-shaped light. This handy little app does all of the hard work for you. Win! All you have to do is download the Printic app, select the photographs you want to print, enter your deets and you're sorted! 


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Things That Make Me Happy 55

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re-visiting old homes
peeking through other people's book collections
forward planning

fancy cosmetics
al fresco lunches
diving underwater

(photo credit)

I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, you can scroll through the archive.


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Personalised Homeware, Snacks and My 1st Years

Help! I've morphed into Katy and I can't stop thinking about heart shaped dinnerware! I jest, of course, but when My1stYears got in touch with me I knew I had to get this seriously cute personalised heart-shaped bowl set. I am, after all, the queen of snacks so I may as well have some fancy smanchy wares to store them in! Thankfully, I wasn't disappointed.

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- heart snack bowls,  my1styears.

I decided to get the bowls personalised because I think it's cute and a fun novelty touch. The personalisation also makes it perfect present material because who the hell doesn't love personalised gifts?! No one, that's who! I've also been perusing all of the lovely baby gifts from My 1st Years range because the youngest little scamp in my family is about to celebrate their first birthday. That year has flown by! How adorable is this personalised bunny toy?! I also died of cute whilst looking at the personalised baby clothes from My 1st Years. So much cute to coo to your heart's content over! I swear gifts get considerably more boring once you hit your twenties...

7 cat uk lifestyle blog vivatramp gift ideas 8 lifestyle blog uk vivatramp homeware9 homeware uk lifestyle blog vivatramp10 snacks homeware uk lifestyle blog vivatramp

As you can see, the little furball insisted that his photograph was taken. He suddenly emerged from the bushes and sat right in the middle of my set up. He's such an amateur blogger! I can't wait to take these bowls with me on proper picnics this summer. I think they'll be pretty easy to transport around because they're quite light so keep an eye out for them in my future adventure posts! I am so ready for summer. Give me a summer breeze, beer gardens and trips to the seaside now

What do you think? What catches your eye on My1stYears? I'm off to make myself useful!   



Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Bee's Fictional Bucket List

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Hello everyone. I really enjoyed all of the videos floating around the booktube community regarding this tag, that was started by jessethereader, so I thought I'd give it a go! Your fictional bucket list is pretty much a list of the things you would do, the characters you would hang out with or the places you would go if you could delve into fictional worlds. I'd love to do a few more of these so let me know what you think in the comments section below. Oh, and also share your own little list with me too! Here's what I would do if it was at all possible...

i would love to... 


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wreck This Journal 2

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I've been creative and stuff, again! This time I unearthed my paint set and washi tape and really went to town.  I am living dangerously, people. Let me know what you think in the comments below and I'll have a gander. 

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