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How To Write Twitter Fiction

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Surprisingly, there's more to Twitter than subtweets, updates on what you ate for breakfast and calls for John Krasinski lookalikes. I know, who knew?! I've been talking a lot recently about creativity, and this is one creative outlet that I've been seriously enjoying this month! This outlet, my dear friends, is Twitter Fiction. The art of storytelling within 140 characters. 

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1. gather visual and literary inspiration
Set up a little private Pinterest board, or Tumblr account, or go old school and create a REAL LIFE collage or list. Watch your favourite film and note down things that jump out at you, whether they're feelings or settings or characters. Listen to everyday conversations - what makes them extraordinary? What makes them ordinary? Take a lyric you like, or a line of poetry that really resonates with you, and then adapt it. Take inspiration from everywhere. Some of my pieces are taken from words I've heard being passed round in conversation, or photographs I've reblogged online. 

2. be brave 
It's so easy to criticize yourself, particularly if you're trying something new and completely alien to you. I have a habit of judging my work before I've even started, and that's really unhealthy. However, I've found myself a lot more willing to take risks and make a leap with #TwitterFiction, because the brevity is so much fun to play around with.  If you're reading this now and thinking 'Oh, that sounds cool but I can't write and I can't this and I can't that', this sort of fiction is probably for you. 

3. create a list of creative prompts
I like to dedicate pages in my journal to little prompts for future bits of creative work, be it single words or phrases or questions. Browse your inspiration board and note down some ideas to think about in the future. Here are ten prompts to get you started:

you and I, limbs, metropolis, bread and butter, declutter, for sale, home, mistake, breakfast, a historical event. 

I have a creative prompts series that you could refer to for further inspiration!

bee's examples of #twitterfiction

I've been working on Twitter Fiction in my journal for a while now so I thought I'd share some of my ideas with you to show you what it's all about. I've also included the prompts behind each piece so you can see how my pieces started out!  I'm still playing around with these pieces but I think the concepts are all pretty interesting, even if some of them are a little dark!  

twitter fiction prompts creative writing uk lifestyle blog vivatramp


cupid twitter fiction


digital clock

digital clock 

how to write twitterfiction creative prompts uk lifestyle blog vivatramp


twitter fiction prompts uk top lifestyle blogs vivatramp

the end of the world

What do you think? Will you be giving it a go? Even if you don't consider yourself a writer, you can still get involved with #TwitterFiction. Trust me! It's seriously fun and extremely therapeutic. 

If you'd like to scroll through all of my advice posts then you can do so.



  1. Why have I never heard of this? I absolutely love this idea, and yours are pretty great too, especially the Cupid one. I'll definitely be giving this ago when I've got a little spare time x

  2. Everything about this is exciting, especially after sinking into your examples! Such a brilliant idea to allow a simple prompt to grow into something as fluid as your fiction.

    I am most definitely giving this a go!

    Gemma x
    Faded Windmills

  3. I LOVE this (and not just because you mentioned my prompts ;) ) I'm always jotting down little words & phrases - now I know what I can use them for! x

  4. This is such a great idea, I loved the Moon one! :)

  5. I haven't written twitter fiction for ages, but your post has inspired me to try it again! I love your examples, especially the Cupid and Moon ones :)


  6. This is such a great idea!! I'm definitely guilty of the random posts that no one probably cares to hear - but this is poetic and fabulous!

    xo, B

  7. How have I not come across this before? Thanks so much for sharing. I loved reading your twitter fiction, the one titled 'Moon' is brilliant. Can't wait to read more :) x

  8. I love Twitter fiction but I didn't know there was a whole festival! I shall have to have a look out for it :)

  9. I've heard about Twitter fiction but I never thought there would be a festival. That's great news! I love the idea of new forms of art being born from the new tecnologies.

  10. I've never heard of Twitter fiction before but it seems like an interesting literary form! PS: Just after finding your lovely blog and I'm an instant fan!


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