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The Beach, Luke, Woody and I

Nothing beats the midweek cobwebs out of your hair like a walk on the beach with Woody, so that's exactly what we did earlier on today! Not wanting you to feel left out, I thought I'd take you along with me. You lucky things. First things first, Woody absolutely loves the seriously loves it. As soon as his paws touch the sand, he's prancing about begging you to throw the ball so he can run off with it. You can't really say no to a face like this...

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Things That Make Me Happy 54

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I have been sharing things that make me happy lists for years. If you'd like to read some more, you can scroll through the archive.


Book Haul feat. Truman Capote

Last weekend, Mama and I headed into town to potter around a few of our favourite charity shops for a couple of hours. I introduced my Mum to charity shopping about six months ago (?!) and now she's absolutely hooked. It has sort of become 'our' thing which is really sweet. Maybe I'…
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