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Bookish Etsy Gift Guide

As you all know, I'm a raving party animal. However, when I'm not getting up to highjinks, I like to sit indoors and compile Etsy wishlists. I am wild. Oh, yes! I frequently spend my afternoons trawling through people's 'Friday Favourites' posts in the vain hope that I'll unearth some more Etsy gems. With this in mind, I thought I'd make a compilation every once in a while of the awesome things that I come across on my travels. I know, I'm too kind. To begin this series, I've decided to pick some book-related things because they take up a massive part of my Etsy wishlist and I rather like them. I PROMISE I WILL COOL IT WITH THE BOOK CONTENT SOON! If you've come across any pretty cool literary related things on Etsy, feel free to leave them in the comments below so everyone can find them! 

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❥  jane eyre" oil fragrance by ravensctapothecary
I'm quite passionate about Victorian literature, and I also happen to love botanical perfumery, so it was no surprise that this ended up on my wishlist a little while back. I think these bottles are beautiful, and they would make great quirky little gifts for bookworms who have a 'to be read' list longer than their arm, and therefore don't need any more books.  These handmade fragrances are also vegan and cruelty free, and free from any nasties so that's a bonus! RavensCourtApothecary Co.  actually do lots of literary scents, including 'Alice', 'Mr Rochester', 'Elizabeth Bennett', 'Mr Darcy', 'The Secret Garden', 'Dorian Gray' and 'Heathcliff'. The perfect gift for lovers of classic literature, I'm sure you'll agree! 

❥  VIRGINIA WOOLF POSTER PRINT By standard designs
These would make the perfect gift for a bookworm who still has the shelf / wall space left for a bit of artwork! Some of these pieces from this shop are really quite witty, so they're good for bibliophiles that have a good sense of humour. Not a Woolf fan? (Who is?!...heh) Not to worry as Standard Designs also stock: Samuel Beckett, Ted Hughes, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain and many others. There's something for everyone, I'm sure.  

❥  roald dahl quote art print by oldenglishco
This print features a pretty magical design and a Roald Dahl quote to boot. You can actually customise this print by picking different colour ways, and by choosing the colour layout, which I think is pretty cool! I think this would be an ideal gift for children and adults alike. OldEnglishCo also stock some other awesome prints, like this Italian Kitchen print, Ice Cream print, I Love You Deerly print and I Want To Bear Hug You print. 

❥ oscar wilde (author series) by ryan sheffield
I think these are really awesome!! I definitely want to pick up a few of these for my wall...which doesn't really have any more room to house artwork but room shroom. I also really like the following prints: William Faulkner, Hermann Hesse, Toni Morrison, Walt Whitman, James Joyce and C. S. Lewis.

❥ where the wild things are globe by wendygold / imaginenations
If someone could buy me all the globes, and all the maps, I would be pretty content. Whilst these are expensive, they would make pretty good gifts for loved ones embarking on a new journey, the nomad in your life or newlywed couples (as there is a custom wedding globe option!). Whilst they aren't literary related, I also particularly like the Adventure Awaits globe, Bon Voyage globe and the Bloom globe. 

❥ bookstore scented soy tart 3oz pack by frostbeard  
They're currently on vacation, and are going to be back in 2014 with new stock, but prior to their holiday this little shop stocked Butterbeer, Dumbledore's Office and Winterfell scented tarts! The perfect gift for homey little nerdfighters like myself! Keep them bookmarked ready for the new year. 

❥ ernest hemingway poster print by standard designs 
This beauty comes from the same shop as the Virginia Woolf print but I couldn't help but share another! They have such a wide range of prints, and I'm definitely going to be treating myself to one soon. You can also get: George Orwell, Robert Louis Stevenson, Herman Melville and Alfred Hitchcock (for film buffs!). 

Has anything caught your beady little eye? Do you have any favourite Etsy shops? Feel free to leave them in the comments so everyone can check them out. Meanwhile, I'm off to do a spot of wrapping! ♥ 

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  1. I love number 5! x

  2. those literary scents sound amazing! Imagine wearing Mr Darcy, oo er.. xx


  4. I love the globe although I would have no justification for buying it! I do like the idea of the perfumes though too :)

    Louisa's Notebook

  5. Beautiful finds!! Literature fiend's heaven!!

    Faded Windmills

  6. I'm a huge bookworn myself! :) <3 ❇♥ Blog written by two friends: ♥❇

  7. Oh my goodness that globe is stunning! x


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