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Bookish Etsy Gift Guide

As you all know, I'm a raving party animal. However, when I'm not getting up to highjinks, I like to sit indoors and compile Etsy wishlists. I am wild. Oh, yes! I frequently spend my afternoons trawling through people's 'Friday Favourites' posts in the vain hope that I'll un…

Book Haul feat. Charles Dickens

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For someone who has been on a book ban for the past few weeks, I seem to have collected a rather sizeable selection of books lately. Thankfully, the ones I'm about to show you came from the lovely people at NetVoucherCodes, a collective who took pity on …

What To Pack For A Weekend Away

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I have attempted to compile a checklist of what to pack for a weekend away. I have tried to cover most grounds but, of course, if you're going on a super specific trip then you may need to compile a little separate list of the more specialist things that you require. You'll ne…