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Converse Shoegazing

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Converse All Star Ox Studs, c/o Bank

I feel like this year, in some ways, has completely passed me by. 

You know what they say, time flies when you're off your tits on morphine for the whole summer! Just when I think about getting things in order, something seems to crop up and I feel like I'm pushed back to square one again. In years gone by, if I was experiencing a particularly difficult year, I would just give up on the year as a whole, reassuring myself that the following year would be better. It's only since the start of this year that I've decided to just live in the moment. #yolo, and all that. 

I haven't found my feet yet, and I'm only just clawing back my identity after the turbulent past few months; it hurts every time I laugh, I'm on my second illness-driven gap year and most of my closest friends are miles away right now. But, I'm okay with all of that. I'm genuinely quite happy to just be coasting along without any definitive plan. 

I know that in a few years time, I will probably find my feet elsewhere, maybe in an entirely different place and with entirely different priorities, and I hope that even then I will still know that it's okay to live a calm life. 

Wherever I land, the ground better look bloody photogenic....  




  1. love this post! you are a true inspiration for everything you've been through. where ever you find yourself I hope you continue to be so positive and happy xx

  2. Hello gorgeous photos, and your trainers are looking mighty good too ;) x

  3. Great snaps! Conquering the world in your chucks :) x

  4. I love this Bee! You always find the right words, I have nothing but admiration for you. I hope for your feet to walk many more adventures over the years, big and small, and fingers crossed we'll be allowed to be there with you :) Snuggle well in the storms (i've got a fire on and two snuggly cats to weather through it!)

    Chambray & Curls

  5. love all the different backgrounds for the Converse! Hope you kept snuggled up inside away from the winds!x

  6. I'm trying real hard to live for what is good right now rather than constantly striving for something bigger, better and brighter. I maintain that there's nothing wrong with aspirations, but I have been guilty of focusing so hard on what to aim for that I miss the pleasures of the moment.

    Hope things are stumbling along ok my love, you're so freaking awesome, it hurts my heart that you've had such a tough one this year.

  7. This post is so beautiful Bee. At times I am all too keen to loo ahead, to wonder what is going to happen, instead of just focusing on the here and now. I'm pleased you feel happy where you are, now. That's so important.

    And those photos? Fantastic idea!!


  8. cute post

  9. what a fab post! i adore your blog!

  10. Your photos are always amazing! xx

  11. I've just come across your blog, I bloody love it :)
    Converse looks great, looks like you've been a lot of places. I just got my own pair recently so excited to start wearing them.


  12. Love this post Bee, the photos and the words are brilliant.
    I'm glad to see you're in a good place and just going with the wind! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  13. I love how positive this post is! I also love that you've managed to keep your shoes so white! Although of course, the positivity is much more important, haha :)


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