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BFFs, Food and the Seaside

At the end of July, my two best friends from university came down for some much needed team tomfoolery. Last year's adventure involved shopping, eating and sight seeing and it's safe to say that this year's pretty much followed suit! Wouldn't want to spoil a tradition now, would we?! 

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G was the first to arrive so I decided to take her to one of my favourite haunts for a chicken burger, pineapple relish and sweet potato fries. It's safe to say, G had a very big grin on her post-burger face but ideally we needed somewhere to slump for a little while before braving a drive to Cheddar. We stopped off at one of our local beer gardens to bask in the evening sun, and soak up a little bit of alcohol, before going on a little bit of a hunt for Gromit up the top of the Gorge. My favourite part of the evening was when Georgia pointed to a herd of cows and asked if they were fake....Apparently, West Country cows appear far more docile than those found in Georgialand.

The next day young Claire turned up so we headed off for a nostalgic day in sunny Weston-Super-Mare. I used to spend half of my week in Weston as a child, running along the seafront and going for swims at the Tropicana (showing my age now) so it was nice to take the girls there and act like a bit of a tour guide for the day. After demolishing sandwiches, pizza and two buckets of fries with roasted garlic mayo, we decided to grab some gelato and head towards the new pier. If you're wondering, G had pistachio and chocolate with sprinkles, Claire had biscotti and I had Wham bar! I'm really sophisticated, I know. I hadn't been on Weston pier since it burnt down a couple of years ago, and I wasn't very optimistic because the old pier pretty much held my  childhood within its walls but it was actually quite good. Overpriced but good. The girls had fun on the Go Karts and I had fun singing along the the playlist of 80's hits whilst holding all the bags. 

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After exhausting ourselves on the pier, we decided to head down to the beach to see the donkeys and write our names in the sand. Yes, we are 12 years old.  12 year olds that then meandered to the pub for a couple of drinks in the sun. The afternoon was topped off by a trip to the bookstore, in which I frantically wrote a list of all the books I wanted to buy myself, and a ride on the big wheel thing. I was a tourist for the day and I loved it. By the way, please ignore my sunglasses - all my others had broken so I was forced to wheel out this pair that I used to wear on Sunday mornings to hide my hangover.

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The next morning started with a cooked breakfast followed by the annual raiding of the charity shops. I bagged a lot of books, as did Claire, whilst G also managed to find a cosy Topshop cardi and a pair of black courts for work. Not bad. I blogged about my charity shop buys here, in case you were wondering. Sadly, G had to go back in the morning for work but Claire and I decided to make the most of our afternoon with a trip to the pub for a lunch of sweet potato fries followed by a chocolate brownie with ice cream. So nutritious! It's weird to think that just after these amazing few days I was rushed into hospital but I'm so glad I had these memories to hold onto whilst I was in there! 

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Life can be pretty great, eh?! 

If you'd like to scroll through all of my adventures then you can do so. 



  1. oh the photos are sooo beautiful! and the food looks super delicious ♥

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time, these pictures are so lovely and that food all looks so scrummy! x

  3. That food and icecream looks all kinds of amazing!
    Looks like a pretty great day out xx

  4. Oh I just love your posts like this Bee. You infuse so many things with such joy and these pictures are beautiful. There is nothing like good friends, good food and a healthy dose of nostalgia :)

  5. I love these photos! They're so colourful sounds like you had a great timexx

  6. I know what you mean about Weston Pier, when it burnt down me and the other half both thought it'd never be as good as it was in the 80's and 90's when we were kids. My other half's nan could remember the original pier and she thought the same when they had the fire in 1930.

    Me and the other half still think the new pier is not as good but I also hope it'll make a lot of new children happy and they'll all have wonderful memories of it, the same as we did when we were young. x

  7. Thats my favourite Gromit out of all of all the Gromits! x

  8. Those first french fries look AMAZING!!! Not to mention the ice cream. & the sweet potato fries. Plus, the rest of this post.

    xo, B

  9. What a lovely day!! Beautiful photos!! xo

  10. This looks and sounds like a really lovely day :) I'm really glad you were able to have some time to enjoy yourself before other events took place! The food all looks delicious and hunting for books in charity shops is one of my favourite activities. Hope you're doing well Bee <3

  11. I loved this post! All about areas I live near by to! I live in Clevedon and spend a lot of my time working in and around Weston-Super-Mare! :D x


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