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An Afternoon in Clevedon

Autumn has well and truly hit the west country. Can we all just take a moment to grieve for the beer garden outings, lazy Sundayspicnics and seaside antics of the past summer, please?! They were really bloody great. 

Whilst the autumn does signal the end to our weekend jaunts to the beer gardens, it also signals the beginning of our brisk weekend walks to dust off the seasonal cobwebs. This weekend, we decided to take ourselves off to Clevedon for a couple of hours. Neither of us had been to Clevedon for years, and it only seemed fair to welcome in a new season with a change of scenery. Romantic poetry fangirls, like myself, may be excited to hear that Samuel Taylor Coleridge lived there for a time, and if that isn't your sort of thang, Union J's George Shelley also lived here for a while following a few years living round the corner from me. Clevedon also appeared in ITV's (bit disappointing) drama Broadchurch, as you can see in the photographs below, as well as providing the backdrop for the film adaptations of Never Let Me Go and The Remains of the Day. Phew! 

In the past, I've been extremely guilty of letting my mood be dictated by external issues, such as other people's moods or trivial things such as the weather. If the sky was grey, you could be pretty sure that I would also be grey. If other people were grey, I would also be grey. If my own big black cloud decided to come out, I would also be grey. I think this past summer, in particular, has taught me to really focus on the things that I let influence my own behaviour and black cloud, which in turn has given me the chance to really explore myself as an individual, as well as coincidentally giving me the chance to grow a new outlook on life. 

Clevedon was grey and the gale force winds meant that my bald patch was able to host a matinee performance of Singin' In The Rain on the back of my head but I just didn't care. I still don't care. The Victorian pier was looking beautiful. I got the chance to stomp around on the pebbles in my trusty Clarks boots, courtesy of Vouchercodes, that have been my staple shoe since December of last year. Fatherbear and I created a face made from pebbles. The waves were crashing in on the shore. The breeze was kicking every last bit of hospital uhhh out of my respiratory system. I had the nicest couple of hours. We are all so very guilty of forgetting what is truly important sometimes. I've definitely not cured myself of my depression and anxiety disorder, because I simply never will and it will always be something that I wake up to, but I've done a very good job of telling it to bugger off for a while whilst I enjoy life. For me, it's all about living in the now, not the then. 

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