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The Best Friend Tag

Contrary to popular belief, I actually have friends in real life! You've probably seen them pop up on Viva a couple of times but you don't really know much about them so I thought: why not do the Best Friend tag?! If you aren't familiar with it, it's basically a tag that is usually done on Youtube and it asks people things about their friendship and about their likes/dislikes. I let G and Claire out of their cages for five minutes to let them answer some questions! Who says I don't know how to treat people right, eh?! I'll warn you now, this one is a bit of a long one so grab yourself a tall drink and get comfy! I promise my next post won't be as dense ;) For those wondering, G is on the left in the top photo and Claire is on the right! A little sidenote: just as I finished this post, I received a card from the both of them with a friendship bracelet in. Aren't they beauties?! 

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♥  How and when did you meet and what were your first impressions? 
BEE:All of us study English at the same university so that's how we met. I first started speaking to Georgia the summer before university and I'm so glad I did! I met Claire when she turned up at my doorstep with another girl I'd been speaking to online. Again, it was fate because I love that girl. My first impression of G was that she was pretty fun loving. My first impression of Claire was that she was talkative...*ahem* 
Georgia: As Bee says, I first met her on Facebook chat about a month before our first term as FRESHEERRRRSSSS! My first thought was that Bee was insanely beautiful. We talked online for a bit and then I think we went out for coffee a few months later and the rest is history... I met Claire in one of our 'Texts in Context' seminars about Jane Eyre, she'd turned up at ours as she went to a different class each week because she didn't know what class she was actually supposed to be in. Plus, she lived in Bee's building for the first year so we always hung out. 
Claire: I was first introduced to Bee on the first day of lectures! I quickly found out that she shared my love of cats and was unpretentious and a laugh! My first night out with Bee involved a boy 'accidentally' squirting a bottle of White Ace all over me and Bee had a proper laugh before telling me to do it back to him. I met Georgia through Bee in a seminar early in first year. My first impression was that she looked like Katy B! She had a really cool cardigan on and we headed to our local cafĂ© for crumpets before becoming friends. I'm so glad I met them! 

♥  whats your favourite memory together? 

b: Any moment from the beloved disco room! I also loved last summer when they both came to stay over at my house. It was short and sweet but bloody lovely! 
g: So many to choose from, so I'm going to pick a few. The time we watched the Olympic closing ceremony at Bee's Grandma's house when Claire and I stayed over last summer, gorging on Ben & Jerry's and cups of tea. Also, any time we have been in Oceana's disco room raving to S Club 7. 
c:My favourite memory is probably of us all in Bee's flat dancing around like weirdos to shitty 90's school disco music, getting ready to go out whilst drinking Kopparberg. My favourite memory might be me getting Kopparberg all over Bee's wall because I tried to open it on the door instead of using a bottle opener. It went everywhere and stayed there all year!!  

♥  describe each other in one word:

b:Claire's would be Loyal (or completely cray!). Georgia's would be Compassionate.
g:Bee's would be Inspiring. Claire's would be Nutterbutter! 
c:Georgia's would be Smiley. Bee's would be Determined.

♥  what's your dream job?

g:Being able to make a difference to women's lives in countries where they're horrendously treated. 
c:Sky diving instructor, formula one driver or a zoo keeper. I am aware that these things will never happen though so I will probably become a primary school teacher. 

♥  what's your favourite make-up brand? 
b: I don't really have a favourite brand :/ I'm about to have a make-up overhaul so ask me in six months...
c:I don't really have one! However, I like Maybelline mascaras and blushers, as well as Clinique foundations.  

♥  what is something that annoys you about the other two? 
b:Georgia does laid back glam perfectly which is annoying when I turn up looking like death. Claire insists on clicking her fingers and knuckles and it drives me up the bloody wall!! 
g:Claire's slightly off time-keeping ability! And Bee? Her amazing hair!
c:Bee doesn't eat much and I eat like a horse, so I always polish off her leftovers and feel like a heffer! Georgia always looks nice without fail, even without make-up. It's very annoying! 

♥  if you could go anywhere together, where would it be and why? 

B:A little cottage tucked away somewhere in the countryside with good food, comfort and nearby animal sanctuaries. I'd love the countryside, we would all like the comfort and Claire would particularly love the opportunity to fuss over animals!  
G:Disneyland or LA IMATS to meet all the famous people :)
C:Disneyland Paris because we all love The Aristocats and Paris is nice. Otherwise, maybe India because we all like a good curry!

♥  favourite inside joke? 

b:I'll share one: 'BBC Radio Blackford'
g:I have a poor memory of our inside jokes, sorry to shame your name girls...
c:'Sexy Peter' - GRRR ;) 

♥  who takes longest to get reADY? 

b:Claire! (because she's probably fallen asleep / lost something / can't work out what to wear)
c:Probably me...I'm not sure. I do everything very slowly. 


b:I'm going to go with Summer because I always feel a lot more creative and optimistic when the sun is shining and I am also a summer baby. I do love how cosy Autumn is though but I'm kind of over cold weather at the moment. 
g:Autumn -  I love being able to start wearing snuggly coats and scarves and I love whacking out the Christmas candles and being able to scoff my face with mince pies :) 
c:Summer or Autumn. 


b:I literally dread this question! I can't do it. I've been sat here for over half an hour trying to answer and I can't bring myself to do it. The thought of picking favourites, particularly where songs are concerned, makes me feel so bad because there's always going to be a billion songs that connect me to different periods of life, reminding me of certain memories and people that I don't ever want to forget. I'm not picking. Woo, f!ck the system! 
g:Anything by Taylor Swift. 
c:'Kiss Me Deadly' by Generation X or 'Hello' by Martin Solveig or 'Forget You' by Cee Lo Green or 'Songbird' by Oasis. It depends on my mood! 

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g:I love being on Bee's blog spreading awesomeness :D
c:Awesome! I feel proud of her! Bee definitely has the ability to bring out the good things in everything and I think that's reflected in her blog! I like having a quick read every now and then. It makes me happy. 


b:Flats. Ain't nobody got time for heels! 
g:Flats for practicality but heels just to sit in and admire :) 
c:Heels but I'm a tall girl (5 ft 7) so usually flats!


b:I'm probably going to have to go with 'pants' because I pretty much live in my leggings and jungle pants at the moment because I'm all for comfort. However, I do love my dresses. Wow, I haven't really answered that have I?! 


b:My cat, Charles.
g:Penguins and polar bears (the baby versions) 
c:Cats or pandas.


b:Family photographs and home videos. I don't really care for material things as such but sentimental things mean the world to me. We have some cracking photos and also some pretty awesome footage that I wouldn't want to lose. Although the video of me singing 'Perfect Day' one Christmas can burn! 
g:Archie, my polar bear hot water bottle because I can't sleep at night without it :) 'Cause I'm cooool. 
c:My cats - for obvious reasons! I also have a box of keepsakes I have collected which I would rescue. It's very personal to me because it has got drawings my friend drew me, important cards and letters and stuff like my corsage from prom! I'd probably try and save my cuddly toy from when I was a baby too. 

b:Comedy! I'm not a massive fan of horrors or chick flicks.
g:A  combination of comedy and chick flick. 
c:Definitely not horror! I'm not much of a chick flick girl either so probably comedy, preferably British too like The Inbetweeners or something. I'm really bad with horror films - I love them whilst I'm watching them but then I get home and am too scared to do anything!

b:iPhone - What the hell did I do without mine?! 

b:Something childish like Mary Poppins or The Aristocats or something...or something cute and adventurey
g:Any Disney classics i.e NOT MODERN ONES THAT THINK THEY'RE DISNEY! Proper ones like Lion King, Snow White, The Aristocats...I can't choose just one! 
c:It used to be From Dusk Til Dawn but I haven't seen it for ages. I like Quentin Tarantino films but I find they go on a bit sometimes! Maybe Bridget Jones or The Boat that Rocked - that has a great soundtrack! 

b:I wouldn't say I eat anything particularly 'weird'. I do like tomato sauce on quite a lot of things though! 
g:Rollmops (Pickled herrings)
c:I eat crumpets with cheese, which is apparently weird?! I thought it was normal until I came to uni! I just put some cheddar on them and put them under the grill. It's yum! 


b:Umm, I think we have matching PJ's but that's about it :/ 
g:Do Pajamas count? If so, then yes. 
c:I'm sure we all have a lot of matching make-up but clothes-wise we dress quite differently. We may have matching shoes from Primark and matching leggings because they're just black leggings....

b: The  US Office
g:Pretty Little Liars, Charmed, Dexter and Big Bang Theory. 
c: I love Come Dine With Me, Big Brother, Friday Night Dinner and most reality TV!  Georgia and Bee tried to get me into Dexter but it wasn't happening because I hate the sight of blood! I find dramas really hard to follow because you have to watch them all to know what's happening. I like TV that you can dip into without watching it too closely - non-committal television! 

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There you have it! My two beautiful best friends from university. They keep me afloat and are always on hand when I need them. They make me laugh, even when they don't necessarily mean to. They came along at a time when I needed them most. I really bloody love you, girls. Thank you so much for being there, always.

*cuts the violins* I hope you've enjoyed this post and are all now well acquainted with one another. I have a feeling you'll probably see them around a lot more on Viva once I start my third year come September! If you've done a similar post, link it below and I'll go and give it a nose! Feel free to leave your own favourite anecdote with your best friend, too! I'm off to do a spot of reading. I'm rather liking Everything is Illuminated so far!  

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  1. Aaw this was so lovely and heartwarming to read! I'd be tempted to post my own if I weren't too afraid of my truly nutty side coming out all over the Internet! Hope I get to see you this summer Bee, picnics and embarrassing anecdote sharing?! xxxx

  2. i frickin love you ladies <3

  3. aw this was so sweet, I met my best friends at uni this year and they are so so amazing. yay for friends hehe xxx

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