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30 Things to Journal

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Hello everyone! I've recently been having a little bit of a spring clean in my broom cupboard of a room and, subsequently, I managed to unearth a few of my journals that have just been lying around aimlessly. I haven't done a journalling post since my 'Inside Bee's Sketchbook' series way back in January and March of last year so I thought I'd come back today with a few prompts to inspire us all to put our lives back on paper. Wahoo! Aren't I just great?! I believe that everyone has some sort of creativity in them so, whether you think you're any good or not, pop out and buy yourself a journal and some other creative bits and get stuck into these wonderfully generic ideas that I racked my brains to come up with!

Be sure to play with colour, textures and typography; furthermore, make sure you completely remove yourself from your comfort zone. This list merely contains prompts - the real imagination needs to come from you! Journalling has proved to be great fun for me and has opened my eyes to how productive I can be with a spare 20 minutes and a packet of colouring pencils / a simple ballpoint pen! Saucy. Give this post a bookmark if you'd like to keep it for referencing on those rainy days when nothing else seems to be worthwhile. Alternatively, don't and carry on living your lives. It's really that simple. Anyway, I've clearly stumbled into a rather hyper and deliciously silly mood so lets begin...

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Fifi Lapin card from Lyzi and all the other stuff is pretty much from Paperchase. 

1. Create an introduction page - your name, a photo/illustration and basic details
2. Interview yourself - use interesting questions that are out of the ordinary aka not 'What's your favourite colour'!
3. Create a collage of your favourite things - through photographs, illustrations or a list
4. Write your favourite quote and make it stand out - play with colour, texture and shape
5. Draw a pie chart of the things your life consists of
6. Spontaneously doodle to your hearts content
7. List the things that make you happy - see my H is for Happy posts for inspiration!
8. Base a page on nostalgia - include photos, scents and phrases that remind you of the good old days
9. Create a page based on wanderlust - use old maps to decorate and list the places you want to explore!
10. Write a list of goals 
11. Write your bucket list - an extensive list of the things you'd like to do before you die
12. Create an Instax / Instagram / faux Polaroid collage of your favourite memories
13. Draw a visual time capsule - what things currently define you?
14. Create a diary page - play with typography, illustration or comic book style and the little things in life
15. Write/draw your ideal dinner party menu complete with printed off photos of the dream attendants

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Everything pictured before is from Paperchase. The perfume sampler things were from House of Fraser. The cinema stub is FROM THE CINEMA and the Kigu tag is FROM MY KIGU. The vintage postcardy photos are from a giveaway I won over at Ladybird Likes a rather long time ago now. 

16. Draw/describe what you're wearing today. Mieow. 
17. Paint - even if you don't think you're any good! 
18. Write a letter to a loved one
19. Spend a whole page explaining WHY you're actually the dog's bollocks (as it were). Don't be modest!
20. Compile a list of your ultimate tracks
21. Draw a visual library of your favourite books and explain what they mean to you 
22. Write a list of blog post ideas - for those days when your brain just won't work!
23. Compile a page of inspiration - from people to pastel colours! Stick things in and have fun with it
24. Copy a paragraph you enjoy from your favourite novel and illustrate the page
25. Write/draw the one thing that makes your day that much more bearable
26. Draw the contents of your heart - from your favourite food to cats
27. Compile a page about the causes that you want to dedicate your life to helping
28. Write about your favourite TV shows 
29. Scrapbook some things of interest
30. Write a list of things you wish to do when you have the spare time - spa days, travelling etc

There you have it, thirty prompts to get you started. I may do more of these in the future if people fancy that idea?! You don't have to take it too seriously, just have a little play around and see what works best for you. However, don't get too fancy free because your life does depend on this*. Take a rare quiet afternoon to pour yourself a long drink, get cosy and get acquainted with the page. After all, studies show that journalling makes your life infinitely better*.  Feel free to share your own prompt ideas / journalling efforts in the comments below! I'm off to get myself ready for lunch with my Grandma. Did someone say steak, chips and onion rings followed by strawberries?! Oof  ♥ 

*I'm probably lying. 





  1. You are so ridiculously talented xx

  2. Sooo, Im seconding Bess's comment. You, Madame Bee, are truly, gloriously, completely talented. This is an awesome post, one I'm actually quite jealous of thanks to it's 100% wonderfulness. How do you come up with such things?! Oh, you are just SO BLOODY FAB!!


  3. THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA I LOVE YOU FOR THIS. I've just started a journal and have been on the look out for inspiration? Would you mind if I used your prompts when I post pics of my journal on my blog? I'll link back to this post of course :)

    Sarah x

  4. I would absolutely love the time to do this, I miss this part of me. Xx

  5. Loved this post, you're such a star! I'd love to see more creative/journal posts in the future :-)

  6. I think this is a really great idea and your journal looks great. Definitely do some more of these in the future :)

  7. This post is full of such great ideas! And you're so talented!(: xo

  8. I love this post Bee! So wonderful! xxx

  9. This is such a great idea. Completely inspired to start something like this now! xx

  10. Wow, this is amazing! I'd love to start a journal like this one day, this is simply beautiful!
    Jodie xx

  11. This whole post makes me happy, and a bit like *squee*

    Jayde xo

  12. You have so many wonderful creative ideas Bee! I love your blog, your posts always make me smile :) I'll definitely be using some of your prompts and you've made me desperate to take a trip to Paperchase to stock up on pretty stationary!

  13. so creative! This must have taken you ages to make!

  14. love this post Bee :) I jsut got myself a 'Listography' book and I'm a keen scrapbooker but you've given me some inspiration to make it look more pretty. I sually just tape everything in to my scrapbook x

  15. Brilliant this is such a brilliant idea I really want to try it out. You have a great blog too so I'm now following you on bloglovin :)

  16. this is such a good idea!! i've been wanting to start a journal for a looong time but now you've really inspired me to actually start it.. any excuse to buy pretty stationary from paperchase!!

    Sophie / x


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