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The Best Friend Tag

Contrary to popular belief, I actually have friends in real life! You've probably seen them pop up on Viva a couple of times but you don't really know much about them so I thought: why not do the Best Friend tag?! If you aren't familiar with it, it's basically a tag that is usually done on Youtube and it asks people things about their friendship and about their likes/dislikes. I let G and Claire out of their cages for five minutes to let them answer some questions! Who says I don't know how to treat people right, eh?! I'll warn you now, this one is a bit of a long one so grab yourself a tall drink and get comfy! I promise my next post won't be as dense ;) For those wondering, G is on the left in the top photo and Claire is on the right! A little sidenote: just as I finished this post, I received a card from the both of them with a friendship bracelet in. Aren't they beauties?! 

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30 Things to Journal

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Hello everyone! I've recently been having a little bit of a spring clean in my broom cupboard of a room and, subsequently, I managed to unearth a few of my journals that have just been lying around aimlessly. I haven't done a journalling post since my 'Inside Bee's Sketchbook' series way back in January and March of last year so I thought I'd come back today with a few prompts to inspire us all to put our lives back on paper. Wahoo! Aren't I just great?! I believe that everyone has some sort of creativity in them so, whether you think you're any good or not, pop out and buy yourself a journal and some other creative bits and get stuck into these wonderfully generic ideas that I racked my brains to come up with!

Be sure to play with colour, textures and typography; furthermore, make sure you completely remove yourself from your comfort zone. This list merely contains prompts - the real imagination needs to come from you! Journalling has proved to be great fun for me and has opened my eyes to how productive I can be with a spare 20 minutes and a packet of colouring pencils / a simple ballpoint pen! Saucy. Give this post a bookmark if you'd like to keep it for referencing on those rainy days when nothing else seems to be worthwhile. Alternatively, don't and carry on living your lives. It's really that simple. Anyway, I've clearly stumbled into a rather hyper and deliciously silly mood so lets begin...

Meet Charles the Cat

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (vivatramp/@vivatramp), you will know that one of my best friends in the whole world is my cat. Oh yes, I'm one of those people. I thought it was about time that I introduced him to you properly through the medium of the pet tag and, lets face it, we could all do with some cute cat photos to scroll through on our lunch break, right?! I had to try and limit myself when it came to the photographs which was an absolute nightmare because they were all so cute! Please leave your fanmail in the comments below, I'm sure he would love to read the comments because he's a self-indulgent sort of guy with an eye for the ladies.

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His name is Charles - very regal. We didn't pick it but I genuinely can't imagine him being called anything else. 

To Be Read Pile

Hello ladies and gents. Long time no speak! Whilst I still haven't healed from my surgery yet, I have finished university for the summer so that means I can finallyfocus all my energies into Little V. I've been scribbling post ideas in my journal but I'd love to know what sort of things…
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