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25 Facts About Me

Hello everyone! Where the bloody hell have I been? I won't apologise because, lets face it, there aren't going to be many of you who have cried yourself to sleep over my absence. f you did, I'm sorry and I hope that we can work things out. It seems I took an unplanned blogging hiatus due to two things. Firstly, deadline hell. Secondly, illness hell. Ah, life isn't worth living if you aren't immobile and in at least an ounce of pain, that's what I always say! I'm taking a week long break from university next week (Oh hai lecturers!) in order to get myself better and have people fuss over me so I'll have more time to blog and come out from under the rock that I've been dwelling under! As I seem to have gained a few new readers of late, I thought I'd join everyone and their cat and write a 50 random facts about me post. Sometimes I'm so original that it actually hurts! I hope you learn something new and exciting about me! Disclaimer: you probably won't...don't get your hopes up.

25 facts about bee  


01. I have always lived by the seaside and I always feel a little suffocated when I am away from the coast.
02. I am ridiculously skilled when it comes to song lyrics / identifying songs / general music trivia.
03. My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. He was so happy that I said yes that he jumped over a hedge and face planted the floor. We had to go to A and E to put his head back together. God help us if he ever proposes...(HAI LUKE!)
04. I've got Crohns Disease. It's pretty horrible but I'm not going to let that stop me from TAKING OVER THE WORLD!
05. I went through the difficult emo years during my teens. I wrote my favourite bands all over my backpack in tippex pen, had a big swooping fringe and had a pair of neon Vans with bats on. I was super super cool. 


06. I am slightly obsessed with the TV show, Dexter.  Like, seriously obsessed....I even adapted it into a poem.
07. I spent a couple of years of my teens being stupidly obsessed with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I used to spend my time on the top of buildings shooting people, driving round the countryside listening to K Rose and just generally being ridic.
08. I suffer from Nosocomephobia, an acute fear of hospitals. It's pretty severe but I'm working on a involves weeping.
09. I was once on the same flight to Scotland as the cast of CBeebies' Balamory. I queued behind Spencer the painter. 
10. My Mum and my little sister will always be two of my best friends. They're both immensely strong women and I wouldn't be half the person I am today without them. 

9 holding hands childhood family love uk blog.

11. I know every word to every episode of Gavin and Stacey but I still watch them all the bloody time. 
12. I cannot cross people on small staircases. I have to wait til people come down. Uh, horrible horrible horrible. 
13.  I currently live with my boyfriend of three years, Luke, in a teeny tiny studio flat.
14. I spent 2012 living with my Grandma. We watched a shit load of murder mysteries, Boggled and had lots of deep chats.
15. The Aristocats is my favourite Disney movie, followed by Mary Poppins.


16. Despite being in my early twenties, I hate clubbing. I spend my nights indoors with my bath and bed. 
17. I have a real issue with the textures of some foods. I am ridiculously scared of paté, jarred mayo and other weird jarred goods like pickles and chutneys. Vom. 
18. I know I'm in trouble when I hear my Mama scream 'REEEEEEEE-BEC-CA!'.
19. I live by the Sylvia Plath quote: 'Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences'.
20. My CV is pretty tragic. None of my jobs have lasted longer than a few months, some due to them being seasonal positions and some due to bullying by my old male bosses. FUCK YOU patriarchy! I'm not bitter...


21. My toes are always freezing cold, to the point where they're slightly blue. So sexy!
22. I have had plastic surgery on my eyebrow. They never told me my eyebrow hair would never grow back :/
23. When I was growing up, I wanted to be an archaeologist and even met one of the guys from Time Team. Nerd herd.
24. I am double jointed in my arms so don't cross me, bro. 
25. One of my descendants was called 'Fanny Hoare'. I can't wait to get famous and go on Who Do You Think You Are?

There you have it! I hope you now feel enlightened. I thought I'd include some photographs from a couple of my favourite trips last year. I'm craving adventure! If you fancy it, why not share a random fact about you in the comments? I'm off to get the train back to Somerset, the homeland of winners. I'll be back ASAP  ♥ 



  1. Love reading these at the moment!
    Can't wait for part two :)

    Rosie x

  2. Loved reading this! Your photos are lovely! xx

  3. I hope you feel better soon Bee! Sounds like you're going through a pretty crappy time of it at the moment. Make sure you get pampered and rest on your week out of university!

    I did chuckle at the fact one of your descendants was called Fanny Hoare, that is just seriously unfortunate.

    Charlotte xo

  4. i'm so glad you're back.
    random fact, been thought the emo period myself.

  5. I totally get the food thing! I can't put jelly or custard in my mouth without...bleh!

    Nikki x

  6. Haha Fanny Hoare...that made me laugh! Similar random fact about me: I can NOT handle people walking up the stairs behind me. I always freak that they're running up behind me and are going to grab me : / I'm such a wierdo!! :)


  7. Oh Bee, you darling! Love the fact you live for today and embrace everything, you've got great passion and I admire you so much for that xxx

  8. My favourite disney film is the Aristocats too and I'm very weird about the textures of some foods too haha.

  9. These are my favourite posts at the moment. I am also obsessed with Dexter it is one of the best shows of all time. I have literally just finished writing my post of 25 facts, never one to miss out on a bandwagon me.

  10. Great post! I laughed at quite a lot of those facts (sorry!) :P

  11. it's pretty dumb of me to not realise this, BUT I NEVER KNEW YOUR NAME WAS REBECCA. I genuinely weirdly thought it was actually Bee. Just Bee.
    Pah, I must get out more. PS I get blue toes too. BOOO xx

  12. Awh Bee, numero three melts my little heart! Keep yo' eyes peeled for my 50 Things tomorrow hahah, totes a lunch break well spent penning that bad boy!

  13. oh my goodness, fact nine is the best fact ever. i loved spencer the painter! hehe. it was so lovely to read some little facts about you, i can't wait for the next post! xx

  14. thought this might make you chuckle... fanny is actually a weirdly popular name here in hong kong (and i'll never understand why!!!). ho is also a common last name so there are quite a few 'fanny ho's here.

    my friends have also come across the following: calculator, chlorophyll, circle, storm, echo and, my personal favourite, condom (SHE is one of my dad's patients).... and no, i'm not making any of this up!

    hope that brightened up your weekend! xxx

  15. This was so nice to read :D (I know the constant cold toes thing...) and I've litteraly just posted the same thing on my blog! xo

  16. Was great getting to know more about you


  17. Awh, loved reading this and amazing pictures. I wish I lived near the coast!


  18. cant wait for part two!

  19. I love these little tags, it's so interesting getting to know more about the people I love to read about and follow their adventures! Our boyfriends share the same name and me and him have been together for 3 years too. How funny!
    Nina from little nomad

  20. I really liked this post! It´s nice to know new things about you! :)

  21. Miss seeing your blog pop up in my bloglovin'!
    Lovely post, still can't believe your name is Rebecca.. ;)

    Amanda xo

  22. such a great post!! I loved it and seriously can't wait for part two!!! x

  23. Just discovered your blog and really like it :)
    I have Crohns too! Hardly ever hear of other girls my age having it, glad to know you aren't letting it affect you too much :)

    Charlotte xx

  24. Loved this! I was completely obsessed with Time Team as a child I watched it all the time! Once a geek always a geek :) xx

  25. I'm going to try do one of these soon, I've loved reading other peoples like yours! :)

    Chloe xxxx

  26. Bee! K Rose! I get through my coursework by hopping in a car on Grand Theft Auto, parking in a quiet suburb and singing along to 'Louisiana woman, Mississippi man'! I power through.

    hello scrapbook

  27. I love these kind of posts.
    I like your blog, found it randomly a while back - really cute :)


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