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An Afternoon in Exeter

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I thought I'd share these snapshots from our day in Exeter a few weeks back. As you can probably tell, I absolutely adore Gothic architecture and period buildings! Luke and I sat on the green for half an hour whilst I spontaneously created an elaborate macabre tale about the cathedral and its inhabitants. Spoiler: All did not end well!

If you'd like to scroll through all of my adventures then you can do so. 



  1. I think you should come and move to Wales because prescriptions are free here and you can hang out with me and my dog xx

  2. Sorry to hear about how ill you have been but going back home will really make you a happy lady, I'm sure :)
    And gosh, I miss Exeter so much. My grandparents always used to take me as a kid where I never had any worries and if I did it was if I had enough pocket money to buy something from Tammy Girl. Oh those days :)
    Miss seeing your face around, would be lovely to catch up soon x

  3. aw that sucks that your home bound :( but YAY to going home for christmas! Love your pics of Exeter, looks v historical! Look forward to more posts from you, ive missed them lately!!
    Sending you virtual hugs, tea and cookies!! x

  4. You poor thing :-( I sympathise as I was born with a knee problem & know only too well the disregard certain docs can have when you know what prescriptions they give you won't work. I might not have a medicine degree but I have lived like this my whole life, ta v much! Haha /rant.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Elspeth xx

  5. Beautiful pictures, there's nothing better than wondering the tales and goings on of old buildings. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Sorry to hear you've been so poorly =( you take gorgeous pictures... not too too long to go now before you're home for Christmas at least! xx

  7. Hope you feel better soon! Do you buy the pre-payment prescriptions? Thats what I have to do - it makes things loads cheaper!

  8. These photo's are lovely. I hope you get better soon lovely :) xx

  9. Hope you feel better soon. I suffer from a chronic ailment too so I can empathise with you to an extent. Also being a student, did you know that you are eligible for free medication? Just go to your doctors surgery or pharmacy and ask for an HC1 form. You just need to fill it out and send it off and you'll receive a year long certificate to pay for your NHS treatments and meds. :)

  10. Aww hope you feel better soon Bee, glad you can still get about to see beautiful places like this though (: I've never been to Exeter but vaguely remember telling people I wanted to go to uni there when I was younger for some reason...strange child. xx

  11. Massive hug, hope you can find some alternative and more helpful health professionals soon.
    Much Love

  12. I've just stumbled upon your blog and I flippin love it! Hope that you feel better soon! Love.

    Harriet @

  13. Stunning photos. Just magnificent.

    <3 Melissa

  14. Thought it was Exeter!! so close to my home town! lovely!


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