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The One Where Bee Went Dog Walking

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Hello everyone! The festive period is now well and truly over; you cannot possibly handle another turkey and stuffing sandwich, gifts have been carefully stowed away and it's no longer socially acceptable to indulge in an alcoholic beverage before 10am. Despite being rather sore, I had a lovely (albeit quiet) festive period. I watched Tangled with my Grandma, who fell in love with Flynn Rider, unwrapped a Kindle - mega kudos to my Father, and indulged in two baths a day! I like to live on the edge! 

I thought I'd get back into the blogging spirit by sharing some casual photographs from this morning's walk with the puppy. They're nothing special but they document things that make me happy as I go about my day, therefore, I felt I should share. I haven't posted any photographs of Woody since he first arrived so you may be a little alarmed at the size he has grown to - he is huge! It has been great to watch his personality evolve and take him for long walks in the countryside. He now has an affinity for the pom poms on my coat, investigating things that should've been deposited in red bins and chasing after teeny tiny dogs. 

I was more than relieved that the people over at Chatham Marine offered to send me these practical, yet rather bloody beautiful, Andalusia Country Chelsea Boots to wear on muddy walks with the pup. I was incredibly impressed that they managed to protect my feet from the muddy fields, lake-sized puddles and occasional drop of dog slobber, whilst also being pretty lovely to look at. Luke was more than a little bit jealous when his walking shoes decided to let in all the water they could find, and I tried my best to not be a little bit smug! I definitely recommend them as a post-Christmas treat - especially if your dog walking shoes have seen much better days.

This early morning walk was exactly what I needed to clear my head a little. It was full of assignment anxieties, health worries and thoughts of this here blog, but running around after a cheeky little lab all morning made me realise that I need to stop putting pressure on myself before my head explodes! 

If you'd like to scroll through all of my adventures then you can do so. 



  1. Gorgeous photos, makes me very jealous - I'm desperate for a dog! Glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas :) xoxo

  2. Great pictures - love your new dog walking shoes, fashionable & the bloomin dream! I want a pair.


  3. omg these boots are so nice! I am SUPER jealous! Lovely photos x

  4. Lovely photos as always Miss Bee. Looks like a fun and muddy dog walk :) xxx

  5. the shoes are gorgeous, perfect for muddy walks :) glad you had a lovely Christmas xx

  6. Ah those boots are blimming lovely! I hope youve had a very wonderful Christmastime Bee, despite illness. Sending you big love and luck for the new year ahead xxx

  7. Hello petal, I hope you are ok? Love going on muddy walks, so wish I had a puppy to walk :( xx

  8. Aww looks like you had a lovely morning, your dog is so cute! Hope you had a lovely christmas and have a nice New Year :)

    Charlotte xxx

  9. Gorgeous photos :)
    That doggy must of had the best time running around in the mud! x

  10. gorgeous photographs and what a gorgeous pup! he would love chasing my little jack russell mix around im sure :)

  11. I love dogs! I was raised with them around and it's so hard not having one right now. I moved out of my home country and Im living in Belgium. With limited flat space and a tarrace I know I shouldn't do it to any creature and captivate them in here. So im waiting till I earn more money, get a bigger flat, have a huge garden and THEN have a dogfy!
    Im virtually hugging yours now;) what a cutie!

  12. Very nice photo, I am looking forward to see more from from you soon.

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  13. Cute dog, looks muddy though! :)
    Happy new year and all the best for 2013 xxxxx

  14. dont know why Happy new year turned into a link...???? oh well xxx

  15. These boots are beautiful, perfect for walking, I think I've fallen in love, I'm going for a week in a log cabin in sheer wood forest and these would be great for it. Only just found your blog an I'm absolutely loving it, why haven't I found it before now?!?!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  16. Such nice photos. You can't beat a nice walk!


  17. Ilove a muddy dog walk. Thanks for sharing. Love the photos..
    Your newest followere :)

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